Grace Tame, Aussie Cossack to headline Griftcon 2022

The line-up for Griftcon 2022 has been announced, with ‘Aussie Cossack’ Simeon Boikov and World Economic Forum Young Leader Grace Tame as the headliners.

The line-up will also feature regulars Friendlyjordies and Avi Yemini among a slew of the finest grifters EZFKA has to offer.

‘It’s a great honour. There’s no such thing as an Aussie Cossack, just a fat opportunist mongoloid cashing in on the current political zeitgeist and staging police arrests for Youtube views. Avi taught me well,” Cossack said.

‘I’ve been told I’ve got the record for stolen valour by wearing this Russian military uniform and shilling for war from the other side of the world. So, this is the next best thing.’

Tame will co-star in a main event seminar with Brittany Higgins as she prepares for what is dubbed ‘Australia’s Greatest Ever Show Trial.’

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Agent 47

Aptly timed. Looks like this fat cunt is up to his old tricks




i always found his vids super boring. they’re always self-aggrandising pieces where he interacts with the police in his obnoxious persona over and over again, he can be funny sometimes but he is generally just not very interesting. seems super litigous too.

the less said about tame the better, shes a whack job imo

A fly in your ointment

enemy of thy enemy does the job for thy too….

Agent 47

He’s clearly some form of foreign agent. At best he’s just an opportunistic grifter. His videos are super cringe.


Jimmy Saville

I would like to slap her forehead with my bennis.

Jimmy Saville

I want ‘er in my vent act
She can be my dummy
With my one hand up ‘er back
And the other on ‘er tummy