Labor say they’ll support boat turn backs until the day after the federal election

The ALP have confirmed that they will support the concept of illegal boat turnbacks, until the day after the election should they win government.

Shadow Home Affairs Minister Kristina Keneally said she’ll support turning back the boats publicly, but will likely recant if the ALP win office in a few weeks time.

‘We’ll pay lip service like we usually do and then backflip within hours, that was always the plan,” Keneally said.

“It’ll be off to the races to Christmas Island and the worst of the third world will be well on their way here.”

It is understood Keneally is already planning a welcome party on Ashmore Reef for the first boats to arrive on May 22nd.

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Agent 47

This is exactly what will happen. Guarantee a boat or two will rock up the day after the election to test the waters.