Australian Electoral Commission releases instructional video on how to get your dead relatives to vote for Albo

The Australian Electoral Commission is under fire for a controversial new video showing voters how to enrol and get their deceased relatives to vote for the ALP.

The video, featuring the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab and US President Joe Biden, also gives tips on ballot harvesting and shows that up to 81 million votes are possible at the next election if people follow some easy steps.

‘This how to video will ensure an Albanese victory as he hasn’t got a hope in hell otherwise. We reject the notion that we’re an independent body, that should be obvious by now,” an AEC spokesperson said.

‘We’ve acted like right cunts this entire process calling everything disinformation, getting people to censor things we don’t like and banning the unvaccinated from being election scrutineers.’

The video will premiere on Youtube and all social media platforms this evening, and feature guests from the Democrat Party in the US.

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so who is everyone else voting for?

honestly see little to no point in united australia, they’ve got no chance. i doubt they’ll even get a seat.

Agent 47

Spoiled my ballot yesterday. Wrote Kodos on it. No one to vote for in my electorate, all just different shades of left.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Anyone except Lib/Lab/Green

A fly in your ointment

if it was not sad it would be funny.

the democratic dictatorship is the new name.


This is helpful, I’ll be voting for the red parties [except majors].