Karen Andrews announces crackdown on foreign interference by allowing Chinese to attack Australians criticising Xi in Sydney

Home Affairs Minister Karen Andrews has announced she will crackdown on foreign interference, by making it easier for CCP loyalists to attack Australians.

After Drew Pavlou was attacked in Sydney by Chinese this past week, Andrews says she was disgusted and would make it easier for foreigners to do what they want.

“This is an absolute affront to multiculturalism and the audacity of Australians to criticise a foreign government in an Australian government created Chinese enclave in a major city shall not be tolerated,” Andrews said.

“I’m working with President Xi with solutions and we will be looking to roll out the Digital Identity as soon as possible to stamp this behaviour out.”

Anthony Albanese said he 100% supports the move and will introduce legislation to ban Australians from defending themselves from any kind of foreign attack if re-elected.

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Agent 47

Didn’t drew get arrested again last week for the same thing?

Reus's Large MEMBER

Winnie the Poo (Xi Jinping) must be super thin skinned, probably why he is so scared of whuflu.

A fly in your ointment

LOL, “criticism”

the only Aussie that did any criticism is rotting in jail..
shill… “selective human rights activist”


Throwing around RMB was a nice touch!