EZFKA day: EZFKA.com announces third funding round.


Media Contact:  Penelope C Williams, Head of Investor Relations | investors@ezfka.com

26 January 2022 | Brisbane, EZFKA 

EZFKA.com announced the opening of its third funding round today, led by Hong Kong Shanghai Wanking Corporation.  

Penelope Williams, Head of Investor Relations of EZFKA.com said, “Following the success of our previous funding round led by Macquarie six months ago, we are glad to have the team from Hong Kong / Shanghai on board, bringing greater exposure to Asian investors.”

“We look forward to contributors from prior rounds continuing their support of the cutting-edge technology platform with follow-up contributions in this latest fund raise for the company.”

For more information on EZFKA, please visit their website at www.ezfka.com


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I refuse to participate in this crypto nonsense

I’ll mail you $50 though if you’ve got a P.O. Box

A fly in your ointment

I strongly concur with your sentiment on the fluff misrepresented as solid gold and mail option suggestion

Max Payne

Maybe a paypal link as well


Yeah mate I’m happy to put in some coin but no crypto 🤷

Rahul Poohammer

I dont have any crypto, but I can gift you an NFT of a fart in a jar?



If you’re not ‘up to date’ will you be called ‘out of date’ and have to wear a ‘reduce to clear’ sticker🤔

Reus's Large MEMBER

Don’t have crypto so email me and I am happy to donate


If you’re only taking crypto, might be an idea to ask when it’s peaking, not troughing!


What hosting are you using? Cloudways are pretty good for the price – you get you’re own server and you can upgrade as traffic grows.


ha ha long time reader, thought I’d pony up and sign up to this valiant place – another embee refuge

I’ve got a lot of experience with wordpress if you need a hand.