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Chinese Astroturfer

Rosa Parks should have just moved seats! It’s just a seat! Does it really matter where you sit?



Agent 47

I know Timbo already touched on it but the amount of progressives now fans of hard borders and wanting him to follow the rules is just amazing.

A fly in your ointment

Not sure if it is progressiveness that units them or the massive psyopinformation that following rules but getting an unexpected result is somehow breaking rules.
This nation was prepared for 2 years for this and this is the culmination and a test. It works, defeating little it took. Majority will sell their children for a matrix like security from baba-yaga.
But perhaps being progressive means complacency, cognitive dissonance and clinical absence of critical thought…


Yes. I think being progressive is and generally has been synonymous with big government, and in this case keeping the unwashed heathens out.

It’s about being a good little lemming to these types, of which Novak was not.

Oh, he’s also a rich white blokes so there is an element of class and race undertones behind it too, hence the ABC at every turn trying to cover the immigration issue at the hotel he was staying at.


it’s also a myth that hitler snubbed owens. nazi germany treated negroes better than australia treats the unvaccinated.


he got kicked out for potentially promoting civic unrest? what a farce the whole thing. good work Scotty from Marketing. your focus groups are really doing wonders for the country…..


he got kicked out bc the minister wanted it and has a ridiculous amount of discretion in these matters. even the judges subtly implied they thought his reasoning was moronic.


nominally yes it was the minister but I’m sure he didn’t take that decision without talking to the PM (and looking at the results of the focus groups)


Yes. It reads like from the judges, the minister is given so much discretion to essentially do as he or she wishes, that it can almost never be argued against. Which is clearly by design.


The focus groups would have said Danii Minogue, Kerry Stokes etc. evading quarantine were unpopular, but nothing was done except get the CHOs proclaim the economic benefits of the elite.

This farce has made EZFKA look like ‘Lord of the Flies’ with Anglos on an island and turning into savages because of the Covid beast.

Reus's Large MEMBER

This cuntry needs to give itself a hard uppercut, yellow bellied soft wankers in charge, it started when you gave up your guns, they would never get away with this if the populace was armed !

I don’t actually GAF about Novak, that is just the culmination of the last years of ever increase woke and rules that eat away your rights and freedoms.

Last edited 2 years ago by Reus's Large MEMBER

but mostly the lack of ticker

Guns don’t save you from a killer virus, real or imagined. Only the government and it’s miracle elixir can save you.
Roll up, roll up and see the miracle medicine. it’ll cure all that ails ya!


This farce has exposed what EZFKA is really like. We are a bunch economic units obsessed with superficial things. No wonder the elite walk all over us. Won’t be long and EZFKA will be another South Africa or Argentina.

Can only hope that the AO is a farce with TA all being sacked and the Open no longer being played in Australia.