WA celebrates ban on plastic bags by dumping millions of tons of masks and tests in landfill

WA Premier Mark McGowan has celebrated the banning of plastic bags and other plastic materials, with a ceremonial dumping of used masks and COVID tests in landfill.

Several million tons of plastic was dumped just south of Perth, with millions of tons of used COVID tests and masks making their way into the ground.

“I’m proud that our state has engaged in yet more performative bullshit that does nothing to actually solve the real problem when China and India pollute at will” McGowan said.

“The amount of plastic generated in the last two years basically cancels anything out but I’ll take the credit anyway by posting some vacuous shit on Facebook.”

McGowan has also proposed a new ocean dumping scheme off of Ningaloo Reef.

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cunt better hurry up that ningaloo reef thing coz any and all south of the midwest and murchison are gunna be locked down…

Agent 47

WA back in masks from today because science.

Gunne need a bigger landfill.


The TGA stresses that myocarditis is “often mild, and cases usually resolve after a few days with treatment and rest”, but about half of cases are admitted to hospital.


“Five people with confirmed myocarditis were treated in intensive care,” the TGA says.

“This represents about 1 per cent of all confirmed myocarditis cases. Most patients admitted to hospital were discharged within four days.”

1% ICU…sounds worse than the disease


worse? well mebbe.

Chinese Astroturfer

I don’t understand how I know someone diagnosed with heart inflammation after the vaccine yet it only happens to 1 in 50k. That’s just really bad luck I guess. Unless they don’t report all cases in the system as vaccine related of course.


I don’t understand how multiple soccer players are collapsing if it’s 1 in 50k…
It’s like they just make shit up to push a narrative or something.


I think that the soccer players all have sub-clinical grade consequences. Not serious enough to count as an adverse effect.


(why the hell is this all sideways?)

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In 2020, within a week of Sutton announcing masks had to warn, masks started to be part of the litter within the streets. The council had to put up signs to remind people that used masks were rubbish.