Bank of England calls “bullshit” on browbeaten bedwetters big bad omicron bogeyman

Overnight, BoE hiked its interest rate from 0.1% to 0.25%, more than doubling it in the process.

The bogeyman was doing this, meanwhile:

(The most ever, with 70% population vaccination, previous peak was 12 months ago, with jab rate about 5%. Lol!)

Quite the break from the familiar narrative that “lower teh rates” was the answer to the virus, the economy, the universe, everything.

as Peachy persistently preaches, inflation is definitely the devil, and seems like BoE may have also recognised their master off in the distance?

…warned inflation was likely to hit 6% in April – three times its target level.

6%?! That’s no laughing matter. That is about half the rate of EZFKA houses, which is clearly unacceptably high.

I’ll need to think this through properly to work out what it likely means when considered through the EZFKA looking glass.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

Could this be the tipping point were the can, can no longer be kicked ?


But Australia is different, Mate, we don’t use cans here so nothing can be kicked anyway.
There will be further tax relief for bad debt, or something more creative. The limits of creativity is infinite. Housing cannot crush.


Speaking of bed wetters , here’s the best of MB this week (haven’t seen much of sweeper, he must be working on other propaganda issues for Dan)

December 16, 2021 at 11:24 am
There is a bit of an issue with what has happened with children. The various state governments have opened up a month or so ahead of the availability of the paediatric vaccine.
In the USA for unvaccinated kids covid is fatal for roughly 1 death for every 10,000 reported cases. Approx 1 per 1000 hospitalised. Likely actual cases per death is much higher say 1 per 50,000. So if say 80% of kids get Omicron over next 6 months, thats 80% of 4million kids in Australia or 3.2million cases that will lead to maybe 600 hospitalisations and 60 deaths.
How happy will the parents be afterwards that the Government opened up without offering their children any protection first?


It’s paternal and maternal instinct in overdrive driven by the media IMO. It’s just crazy right, the evidence shows your kid will be fine if they get covid they are the absolute least at risk.


The mantra of “benefits outweigh the risks for majority” cannot apply here, obviously, since the narrative would slide into UN-waxing.

For a hint of fear porn, see this article:

90 Day Fiance reality star dead at 45 from Covid
To the family’s knowledge, Hitch did not suffer from any pre-existing conditions, but in addition to COVID-19 complications, he may have died from “other factors,” Shannon suggested.”


But the boffins at MB are still calling for the RBEZFKA to cut rates to -4% to save us all, right?


And at the same time predicting a house price crash 🤡🤡🤡


that mb line of bullshit is now truly doing my head in….so stupid it hurts


comment image

Chinese Astroturfer

Nice break out for silver miners. Very oversold too.


Nice alliteration in the headline. Should have snuck the word ‘balls’ in there as well.


The religion of peace !


This is just Typical Muslim Bullshit (TMB(tm)).

Thousands of Muslim women are murdered every year by male family members because the men don’t like whatever he woman is doing, such as dating a non-muslim. This is laughably described as “honour” killing, and it reveals the true vileness and disgusting perversion that Islam bring to all that is beautiful, good and true. Imagine a “religion” in killing your daughter or sister is regarded as the “honorable” thing to do.

One day, the last Koran in the world will dissolve under a stream of piss, and the world will be free of this horror. It can’t come soon enough.

Chinese Astroturfer

I like muslims easily the kindest, most generous, most hospitable people in the world.


The one upside is it’s now really obvious who one can trust.


The crazy thing is, it’s like he didn’t expect that response from people. Imagine if he said something along the lines of making people second class citizens based on religion or race. How long would it take before he got decapitated? What an idiot. He deserves all abuse he gets. He brought it all on himself.