Sally Capp approves daily protests so someone will actually come back to the Melbourne CBD

Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp has approved a proposal to allow anti-lockdown protestors to protest in the CBD daily, to help bring people back to the city.

Capp says the move will hopefully drive property prices back up to sustainable levels while international students remain outside EZFKA.

“My former colleagues at the Property Council of Australia were delighted with the news and finally we’ve found a compromise with the protests,” Capp said.

“I’m not just a diversity hire, you know. When real estate values are on the line I will find a way to get Melbourne back on it’s feet again.”

Protestors will be allowed to move down the street from today, with clauses for at least one apartment inspection per day pending.

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Agent 47

This bitch is completely fucking useless. Another globalist stooge.


genious ..this could form a SOP…ur an ideas man


what’s the vibe down on the ground in melb cbd lately, i’ve heard it’s still a corpse there

Agent 47

Pretty much. The chongs that didn’t go home during lockdown have re emerged but in noticeably smaller numbers. Other than that, for lease signs everywhere.