McGowan says he’s determined to crash his approval rating faster than the iron ore price

WA Premier Mark McGowan has vowed he’s doing his best to tank his approval rating faster than the falling iron ore price.

As the price drops below $90USD a ton, McGowan says he’s been doing everything he can to come across as a right prick, particularly when it comes to keeping the border closed.

“It’s going to be a tough one but I think I can get there and I’ve had discussions with Gina about it. I’ve had sycophantic media and staffers writing all kinds of good things about me the last 2 years but the gloss is coming off now,” McGowan said.

“Letting cricketers and international students in while keeping families separated was a genius move and should expedite the process. I think that state daddy tag will wear off quite quickly, if it wasn’t already creepy as fuck in the first place.”

McGowan will only be wearing brown pants from now on at all press conferences while receiving text updates from eToro.

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Agent 47

I’m sure DLS is as well. apply the bcnich formula of continually predicting in the hope ten years later you’ll be finally right


so between this guy turning WA into his own personal north korea and an economy thats fuckin gone, will it be ghost-town ville in a years time or so?


If you listen to DLS, the economy has gone, but iron ore is around $90 per tonne, hardly the $20 he was predicting and still profitable for the miners and plenty of royalties for the sandgropers.
Realistically, locking everyone out except elites and everyone in will start to wear thin when the people from the East Coast are partying in Perth’s northernmost suburb of Kuta.


Cricketers are part of the elite and an exemption was always going to happen. International students service the elite and make them richer, so all governments have been working on getting them back since March last year.


gotta pay for craypot stadium some how so bread and circuses are go.
And the split families aren’t numbered in large enough quantities to register on the ezfka voting calculus abacus to be considered.
[ and on that metric they can’t impact the health system either ]

its a fucking unconscionable disgrace