Raf Epstein rushed to hospital after overdosing on Daniel Andrews’ semen

ABC Radio presenter Rafael Epstein has been rushed to Royal Melbourne Hospital this evening, after an alleged overdose involving a significant quantity of Premier Daniel Andrews’ semen.

The radio journalist and Andrews’ sycophant was allegedly seen leaving the daily press conference in an ambulance, with a visibly distraught Andrews seeing the ambulance off.

“This is the third time this has happened and we think this is incredibly selfish behaviour at this time,” a spokesman for Royal Melbourne Hospital said.

“Jon Faine and Richard Wilmington have also had this happen to them at the press conference, so it’s really quite selfish behaviour during a pandemic.”

Epstein remained in ICU overnight for observation.

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Dan Andrews Social Media Team Member #33

This is laughably fake news!
Mr Epstein wasn’t admitted to Royal Melbourne Hospital.
He was medevacked to Israel by private jet for rest and recreation.
He’s presently in a secure location with his distant relative Jeffrey Epstein – both are doing fine.
#standwithDan #twoweekscurveflatten


“Raf Epstein” ? For real that’s his name ?


I figure this is very melbourne centric…


No idea who RAF Epstein is but lol’ed massively at this 🤣

Max Payne

This is a guy who has a nice cushy taxpayer funded radio gig who cuts off a guy living in his car for having the temerity to complain about the ABC using the phrase ‘we’re all in this together’.



The abc also seems to be struggling to work out why MSM journalists are being targeted by protestors


He is the elite (deemed essential and had no detrimental financial impact due to Covid), why would he care about the plebs particularly the working class.