Macrobusiness to give subscribers free adult nappies to relieve fears of COVID

EZFKA economics blog Macrobusiness will hand out free adult nappies to it’s subscribers, after neuroticism about COVID continues to plague the site.

Each member will receive a free box of adult nappies, with plastic bed sheets optional for other members.

“The amount of pants-pissing in the comments section under each COVID article has made it clear our members need all the support they can get. They’re terrified of a 99.98% survival rate,” David Llewllyn-Smith said.

“I’ve had quite a few accidents at the computer myself, so it’s only fair that unfit middle-aged, upper middle-class men such as myself get all the help they can get.”

“It’s the only thing of value we can offer now, considering we’ve taken the exact same fear porn position as the MSM for the last 18 months. However, now lockdowns are starting to impact us directly we might change our opinion.”

The move has been met with unanimous applause through some of the testimonials.

“Great initiative. I’ve been under my bed the entire 18 months and it’s really starting to reek of urine,” Ronin1137 said.

“These will take the edge off. I’m having vaccine regret privately but I’m putting on a brave face publicly with some of the worst takes possible and subsequently getting wrecked every time,” Swampy added.

“The nappies are great idea. It allows me to inhale the smell of my own shit 24/7, not just in the comments section,” user drsmithy said.

User Skippy has ordered a pair on the condition they are signed by Michael Hudson.

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David Llewellyn-Simp

Great touch on the testimonials lmao.


Could have been worse (or better?) – was fearing Reusa relationship party/golden shower or bcnich perineum sunning references.

Travis Howarth

Yeah, I guess I was shocked by the conversion of DLS to the mainstream view without a single indicator that something – somehow – was shaky about the ever-changing narrative. I wouldn’t expect him to go full ‘conspiracy theorist'(TM) post-nucleus but was hoping at least for a novel take on events. Instead he’s calling people ‘anti-vaxxer’ and providing positive comments in response to the clearly disturbed “Lord Dudley”. Renewals on my sub are well and truly switched off.


conversion of DLS to the mainstream view without a single indicator that something – somehow – was shaky about the ever-changing narrative.

well, mate you know what they say – there are no atheists in foxholes.

bloke was clearly comfortable predicting economic doom and railing against government while safely ensconced in a comfortable inner suburban lifestyle, insulated from said government and economic doom.

when a little virus came along that cared not two hoots for bloke’s personal inner suburban privilege, blokes runs off crying to momma government…

providing positive comments in response to the clearly disturbed “Lord Dudley”.

this saddens me. Dudley was a hero and inspiration to me. Whatever happened to him must have been horrible.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Probably the first time people will get value from their subscription. The only other value you would have got is taking the opposite position to DLS.

Agent 47



Reusa the last one standing among the chickenshit like Lambking and that Arthur Schopenhauer tosser.


really annoys me whoever that is takes the moniker of everyone’s favourite curmudgeon philosopher.

the real Schopenhauer would have told the govt to f off.


Even among your great work this one is a standout. Hilarious stuff Timbo.



I actually love reading their comments

To see what new hysteria they can create from thin air every day

long Covid, healthcare staff resigning en masse, having to bribe the orderly $10,000 for an ICU bed , 10,000 children dying

every day it gets more ridiculous


I wish someone would do a semi-regular digest of the choicest most hysterical, wishful, non-self-aware and disconnected-from-reality comments.

Agent 47


Would make a great weekly copypasta post.


It would be a very long post. Probably much longer than T’s weekend links.

A fly in your ointment

C’mon, it’s a gold mine that keeps giving
I’ve never come across a place that nourishes its feeble minded weaklings and feeds into cognitive bias like Em Bee. Lord Dudley, The Lamb King, schopenhauer and other cohort are a nice entertaining bunch in times when everything is dull. It takes a special talent to write that jabberblabber. To mess with their cognitive biases it takes just a little ‘dissonance’, 2ml every 2-3 hour intramuscularly on a form of a booster jab.
Enjoy it whilst it lasts. Every one trick pony eventually becomes a sausage.