Sally McManus unveils new ACTU mandatory vaccine bus for throwing Australian workers under

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus has unveiled a new “mandatory vaccine bus” that will be touring EZFKA workplaces from next month.

McManus denied allegations that she was a fucking useless quisling and that she hated EZFKA workers.

The bus, which has mandatory vaccinations on board, will also feature a re-enforced bull bar and eight wheels which will ‘process up to hundreds of Australian workers a day.’

“I’d like to thank all the union members across Australia for their union fees. Without your money this would never have happened,” McManus said.

“This bus will have a dual purpose of forcing people to have a medical procedure to keep their income, as well as running over the top of those who don’t comply.”

The bus will start on construction sites across Melbourne next week.

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Re: Your comment is approved! You changed your mind? Editorial right, yeah x