Victoria Police will form ‘Ring of Steel’ around Foodbank Victoria to ‘stop the spread of food to the unemployed’

Victoria Police will form a permanent ring of steel around Foodbank Victoria for the remainder of lockdowns, to stop the spread of food getting to the recently unemployed and homeless.

After facing criticism for failing to manage traffic to the site last week but being able to find 700 officers on overtime for protests, Police Commissioner Shane Patton said he would go one better and close the site permanently to ‘really put the jackboot on the throat.’

“I’m acting on the best health advice from the UN Strong Cities Networks to limit the food supply to cause maximum chaos,” Patton said.

“We need a scapegoat for the coming supply chain collapse and here it is.”

Victoria Police have advised anyone approaching 100 metres of the site is warned they may be tear gassed, pepper sprayed ‘or worse.’  

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Latest CDS example at embee

August 24, 2021 at 10:41 am
Some of us are old enough to remember the polio kids at school with their leg irons and back braces who would struggle all day through to get some normality in their lives…….and then one day they just no longer could make it to school.
The long covid kids will probably be in wheelchairs with oxygen bottles for decades in school going forward as we prioritise visits to coffee shops and Bunnings over getting our schools safe for kids to attend.

Chinese Astroturfer

There probably needs to be an emphasis on physical education and out of school sports, health/nutrition classes where it’s drummed into their heads so they can go home and pester their parents to be responsible and serve nutritious food, ban on fast food advertising.

Good health will be the best way of fighting this virus going forward. It really does target all the slobs.


Stopping fast food advertising and putting taxes on junk food and using the revenue raised to provide healthy food to children at schools would save an order of magnitude more people than covid kills. But there is no money in that for pharma companies and the junk food industry has a lot of money to fight it.


They did manage to successfully rape the tobacco companies, though, so not completely impossible.

but the “smoke-get sick-die” causal link was much more reliably demonstrable and had been for many many years before this was ultimately undertaken.

for bad food, it’s much easier to create confusion and doubt that make such policy difficult (ok in moderation, if only they exercised more, etc, etc)


With the truckies threatening to strike, there will probably be a shortage of food soon.


This will fix COVID.

all the fattiest will lose weight & we’ll be sweet as!

Reus's Large MEMBER

When the ciggies and booze run out then the rioting really starts!

Agent 47

Wait until AFL season has finished


One day strike as part of EBA haggling, minor dent to movement of goods. As much of an interruption as when Toll got done by ransomware last year.

Unless there’s some other strike going on


Not usually, but border restrictions and a reduction in food distribution workers in Victoria may compound the issue. On Monday night, I noticed that the shelves with toilet paper, tissues, water and biscuits were pretty bare.