Qantas to offer free treatment for Deep Vein Thrombosis to encourage people to get vaccinated

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has announced Qantas will give away free treatments for Deep Vein Thrombosis, in a bid to encourage vaccination to citizens of EZFKA.

In addition to free flights and frequent flyer points, Qantas will waive the cost of deep vein thrombosis treatment on any of it’s flights to those who are vaccinated.

“It’s the first of it’s kind anywhere in the world and we’re proud to carry on that great spirit of EZFKA,” Joyce said.

“We know 15 status credits fuck all to offer in exchange for permanent long term damage or death, but we’re all about off loading risk to someone else here in EZFKA.”

Pfizer has also announced that they will be donating free defibrillators to Qantas cockpits, in support of pilots that have been vaccinated with their jab in support of it’s fight against unrelated myocarditis.

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Chinese Astroturfer

No prep no flight for all the punchers

Agent 47

LOL I’m sure Alan Joyce enjoys a jab the little pillow biting fuck.


Most punchable face on the planet


Some material for your Incel article.

This one by a woman criticising another woman’s take on Incels:

One such was cartoonist and creator of Instagrammable wokeness, Lily O’Farrell, with a series of cartoons describing her 18-month ‘deep dive’ into incel forums that landed her an appearance on BBC Woman’s Hour.

Her foray into this potentially hostile unexplored terrain has all the hallmarks of the intrepid explorers of the European colonial era. First they gain the natives’ trust by living alongside them before writing detailed ethnographies for consumption among respectable people back home.

Others, including other women, are starting to note that the main tool of the “regime” in terms of ‘maintaining control of the narrative’ is through the use of the female voice – being the empathy expert, usually a young, white and highly emotive… like that beached whale Dr Demography (despite the fact she appears to think she is indigenous).


One of Australia’s most despicable people. I hope his anal fissures, of which I’m sure he has many, are agonising.


The fucknuckle turned QANTAS’s fleet from one of the youngest in the world to one of the oldest, offshored tons of maintance and collected giant bonus for what is going to end back up in Govt ownership before the end of the decade.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Time tested management approach – run down decades of accumulated goodwill, culture and capital to goose earnings for a few years.

The fleet thing I would not lay entirely at his feet. I understand a big chunk of that was the global tightening of tax laws which prevented the trick aircraft financing deals that were done previously. When that tax arbitrage was gone, more had to be squeezed out of the existing planes.

Reus's Large MEMBER

How to kill a business in a few short years, outsourcing …. guaranteed to make it shit and cost more in the long run

Was working at ABN Investment bank in the early 2000’s and they outsourced IT, we went from no.5 investment bank in the world to 25th in 3 years, our time to connect to a new market went from 6-8 weeks to 6-8 months and the opportunity cost was huge both in getting in early and being ahead of the competition. Also ended up costing more as there was so much stuff that was now “out of scope” and they had to pay more for that outside of the contract where before that would have been absorbed into the existing cost of IT.

The beancounters and CFO etc. made a mint and moved on to ruin somewhere else.


Yeah, that sounds about right.

did you blokes also pay Accenture/McKinsey a few million bucks to recommend the outsourcing in the first place & another few mil to implement/oversee?

Thats usually a good way to diffuse responsibility (“acting on best advice”) 😂😂


“Out of scope” Fuck me dead, the mode I see of Indians, the more I despise them.

I know that seems like a very long contextual jump, but anyone who’s ever been involved in any outsourced IT will know exactly what I mean.


And recently he got some tax concessions to bring maintenance back. Corporate welfare the EZFKA way.