After being innundated for the past week with bad news coming out of Afghanistan, finally some good news.

Ben Roberts-Smith’s loyal Afghan Interpreter Abdul, who was allegedly instrumental in Roberts-Smith allegedly machine gunning down that allegedly unarmed man with the allegedly prosthetic leg, as well as allegedly planting a weapon on that other allegedly Taliban guy, landed in the EZFKA city of Perth Saturday night and was immediately granted asylum.

The good luck continued for the interpreter as he was soon informed he wouldn’t have to serve the two week quarantine on account of his friend Roberts-Smith having attended the right school, having come from the right family, and having the appearance of a really tall salt-of-the-Earth tradie.

The two met up on Sunday afternoon in what would have been an unusual environment for Abdul — a Perth pub.

Patrons report that the two embraced warmly on seeing each other for the first time in many years.

Afghan tea with a sugar cube was not on the menu for Abdul so settled for a cup of English Breakfast.

Roberts-Smith had several pints of beer during the meeting. Abdul has apparently not lost his sense of humour despite the traumatic events of the past week. Patrons overheard Abdul remark that “you have drunk enough beer this afternoon to fill up a prosthetic leg” which left Roberts-Smith roaring with laughter.

In a phone call made by this publication Sunday night, Abdul said he has no concrete plans in EZFKA as he is still trying to process the events of the past week, but top of his agenda is to launder his ex-government official uncle’s ill gotten gains by purchasing EZFKA real estate. If that goes well he plans to eventually bring out his extended family to EZFKA in order to help bleed the system dry for EZFKA individual economic units that have paid tax all of their useful economic life.

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I mustn’t think about recent immigrants and reffos from third world shitholes instantly getting all the benefits like inexpensive health care that I’ve spent 40 years paying for with my taxes. It causes the red mist to descend across my vision.