Scott Morrison announces new “Star of COVID” for those Australians who refuse the jab

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that Australians that refuse to take a COVID vaccine or get a vaccine passport will be issued a “Star of COVID” as a raft of globally co-ordinated measures hit Australia.

The move comes after many Australians have refused to take the vaccine, citing numerous safety concerns, blatant coercion and the largest loss of civil liberties on record.

Morrison pulled no punches in his speech to a packed media conference.

“I would like to repeat that in a democratic society it is not mandatory to take the vaccine, it’s just that we’ll shut you out of society like the serf scum that you are should you refuse,” Morrison said.

“The Bolsheviks did nothing wrong. We’re already building are own gula-er-quarantine facilities in each respective state, so that’s something for the unvaccinated to think about. Australians have thoroughly demonstrated they are largely compliant cowards though, so we’d expect the facilities will become a white elephant and a nice cash cow for our mates.”

Australians who refuse the jab will be expected to wear the Star at all times and will be refused entry into any building or place or to buy goods of any kind. Morrison, who is also working on a “no jab no job” policy, denied that he was creating a two-tier society and that Australia remained committed to liberty and diversity, just not “diversity of choice, privacy or bodily autonomy.”

Morrison also said more details would come later, after he had consulted with the World Economic Forum on the best strategy to roll out digital passports and Global ID 2020.

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France and Greece are moving to make the vaccine mandatory, it is only a matter of time until this is enforced everywhere. The politicians are corrupt and the pharma companies more than willing to bribe (donate to) them.

Agent 47

The time for the generals in France to act is now.


The French need another revolution then.

Agent 47


Spot on.


Line me up then. I don’t plan on getting one of these vaccines for at least another 12 months and perhaps longer. Perhaps never. The risks of the jab compared to the risks of Covid still seem way to great too.

And hey, if our low national jabbiness also keeps the immigrants out for another day or two then so much the better.


What about a vaccine with less stigma than experimental mRNA or blood-clotting AZ? Something like Novavax which is also due to arrive?

I feel many people who say they will never take the vaccine will change their mind when they realise the choice is between an inactivated virus or the real thing.

edit: could have worded that last sentence a bit better. We will all catch the virus.

Last edited 3 years ago by Freddy
Agent 47

How about natural immunity or Ivermectin or HCQ? Vaccines for a virus with a 99.8% survivability rate which most people have mild symptoms from is stupidity in its finest.

Vaccines have become this untouchable holy grail that no one may dare question and also a crutch of those that have become so demoralised they’ll do anything.


I am sure there will eventually be other treatments. Ivermectin is not an immediate option. If in a few months’ time you knew you were going to catch the virus…and hypothetically 99.8% was the survivability rate (some people think it is more, others less) and a traditional inactivated virus vaccine was offered with better odds of survival then why wouldn’t you take it?


I’d consider taking it when it has been through the same testing regime as all others except covid have, and the manufacturer accept the ability for me to take legal action if it goes to shit.
This process takes 5-10 years though.

Agent 47

Because I’m not unhealthy nor feel I need it.

Ivermectin is literally $35 a box. A family member takes it for an auto immune disease but even he laughs that he can’t get it prescribed for COVID. Retarded.

Last edited 3 years ago by Agent 47

The “survivability” for everyone under the age of 50 is not 99.8%

it’s at least 99.98% (Australian CFR for original strain is 0.02% for under 50s)

based on IFR rather than CFR it’s probably 99.995% or so

and for delta variant it’s likely more in the range of 99.998%

and if you’re not obese with no other health problems, as well as under 50 ?
you can probably add a couple more decimal places


Untested, unproven vaccines from technology that has never been seen before and have specific exemptions for the creators from all legal liability for any problems that occur is stupidity at it’s finest.

A vaccine that has been through currently(as of 2 years ago) approved testing standards for safety and effectiveness is not stupidity but as with the flu, something I really don’t feel a need to have.

Agent 47

You and me both. What the normies dont realise or do and distract themselves from it, is the future they want for us everywhere is not worth living in and is dystopian as you can get.

Fight now or face the wall later. History repeating.


Mate – if it goes there, it’ll be like a reunion of this forum.

You can bet your bottom dollar all our names will be on a list by then simply for being here and saying the things we say.