Frewen promises mandatory lead injections for those who refuse ”totally not mandatory” injection

COVID Commander Lieutenant John Frewen has announced that summary executions will take place should Australians refuse the COVID vaccine.

“We call it the Aussie version of the Escobar doctrine – plata o plomo. But this time it’s graphene oxide in place of the silver,” Frewen said.

“Australians haven’t read the recent legislation in WA and Victoria where we can literally hold you down and inject you against your will, but that doesn’t really matter in the end.”

Frewin didn’t mince words on those planning to refuse the jab.

“We remain committed to our mission that Australia is a free country and that you have every right not to take it. It’s just that you’ll be told to face the wall if you choose not to. “

“The best way to combat the growing threat of COVID and indeed, China, is to become them in every way domestically.”

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Agent 47

This is How Scomo is getting around the vaccine issue, by getting the states to do the dirty work.

WA’s legislation is 1984 but I’m sure Winnie the Pooh approves.


The crazed reactions of governments to covid has swept away the facade of democracy that the ‘west’ shamelessly states they have. The responses to the disease have lacked any basic scientific risk assessment, despite the claim that it is based on science most of the scientists advising the government are career arse lickers that are just telling the politicians what they want to hear.
What has been particularly horrifying in the damage that has been done to children, through lockdowns reducing educational opportunities for those that are not fortunate enough to be able to learn from home adequately and for those who have been thrown into poverty through the loss of family incomes. Not to mention that a huge proportion of children live in apartments (over 50% in Sydney, currently under lockdown) and any enforced stay inside an apartment can not be good for children.
All of this is being done in order to protect those that are very old and unhealthy and predominantly were going to die within 5 years anyway. In any logical society that should be the opposite of what happens, and is just mind bogglingly insane.
The following is an article assessing whether it is sensible to vaccinate children by a Swedish doctor, they don’t think it is thankfully, but the interesting part is that they mention how many children under 20 are suspected of having died from covid in Sweden in the year and a half that covid has been around ( In Sweden a country that did not lock down, and was attacked by every hysterical nutter on the planet for not doing so, they have lost a total of nine (9) people < 20 to covid in a year an a half. That corresponds to 1 out of every 268,000 children in a year and a half or 1 per 402,000 children annually or 0.25 per 100,000 per annum. To put that in context the annual suicide rate for children in Australia 14 and below is 0.6 per 100,000 for 15-17 year olds it is 8.9 per 100,000 and for 18-24 year olds it is 16.1 per 100,000 Therefore, the suicide rate for 15-17 year olds is 35.6 times as great as the risk of dying from covid. Subsequently even a slightly adverse effect on the mental health of young people from covid reduction measures would dwarf the risk from covid and that is just one of the areas that can be adversely effected by lockdown.


thanks for this comment, it’s a good one.

one of the items you mention certainly doesn’t get enough airplay – the one about the “scientific advice” being provided predominantly by a bunch of arselicker poleclimbers.

The suicide stats are quite scary, as well – I have see. the general theme of “mental health” thrown about, but had no idea that the numbers look like that.