Morrison says Australians will need a vaccine jab for all 204 countries and their respective variants

EZFKA Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stated that Australians will require regular vaccine updates for all 204 countries and variants of COVID, as they arise.

With new COVID threats emerging every week, the Prime Minister has found innovative new ways to get on top of it in spite of hotel quarantine and get Aussies lining up for the jab.

“This is a great economic development. That’s at least 204 chances to clip the ticket and fits right in with the spirit of EZFKA rent-seeking,” Morrison said.

Pfizer have announced that they will announce a vaccine subscription service, in conjunction with the Australian government, which will allow access to monthly vaccine jabs.

Morrison said the plan will work and has contingencies in case of mass refusals.

“We soon plan to use the vaccinated to bully the unvaccinated in case we can’t get those rates up or enough subscriptions, Premier Merlino has shown the way on that.”

A price point has not been agreed upon, but a spokesman for Pfizer says a monthly fee will be announced at a later date.

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This is the problem – the declining protection and effectiveness of these vaccines as the strains spread and mutate means that the cycle of vaccination is going to have to become semi-permanent.

If the only consideration was community health, personally I think only high risk individuals should be getting vaccines, and once they’re done that the virus should be allowed to rip throughout the community and natural resistance built up in the community as immune systems are trained to deal with the new virus and its inevitable mutations.

However, given that the panic is keeping the borders shut and generating such pleasing levels of xenophobia as to galvanize fearful boomer normies into getting off their sofas and resisting immigration, I’m all for the current disjointed, fearmongering, failure of a response.

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Agent 47

This but unironically.

I’m of the view the thing is a scam and a last gasp from the globalists. However, I am enjoying the closed borders and inadvertent fuck up (temporary as it may seem) of the immigration GDP scam EZFKA is famous for.


and natural resistance built up in the community as immune systems are trained to deal with the new virus and its inevitable mutations.

Historically this is achieved by removing those whose immune system can’t deal with it from the gene pool darwin style.
That may be the ultimate outcome no matter what though.

Chinese Astroturfer


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I read that the solitary hospitalised Covid case in Victoria (in “ICU”) is a 99 year old nursing home resident who had already been vaccinated and is asymptomatic

he has been admitted to ICU “due to an abundance of caution”

this becomes more staggeringly stupid every day

Agent 47

Inconveniencing those nurses making tik tok dance videos? How dare he!


ahh but we are called psychos for calling this out.
I guess the associated photo with the article was an ambulance?