Study finds wearing high visibility clothing on Melbourne construction sites provides complete immunity from COVID

A new study has found that construction workers in the EZFKA city of Melbourne are completely immune to COVID during lockdowns.

The study, conducted by the Lowy Institute and Property Council of Australia, found that tradies working on construction sites wearing high visibility clothing were 100% immune to all strains of COVID.

Acting Premier James Merlino welcomed the findings and vowed to keep Victoria’s construction industry going during the lockdown the same as 2020.

“This is fantastic news and will keep Victoria’s big build going. We’ve got fuck all economically to fall back on so high-rise apartments to the moon it is!” Merlino said.

The study also had support from Australia’s unions and that the case to open the borders for skilled workers has strengthened.

“Keep Aussie tradies in jobs mate. Even if it is imported slave labour from Asia being paid cash in hand,” CFMEU President John Setka.

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Agent 47


That or wearing a black lives matter shirt.


It also can’t get in the gates of MCG


Great work Timbo. Every construction site that I have been past in the last few days do not follow social distancing or mask wearing and there are no Covidsafe plans at the entrance unlike last year. There are plenty of sites within a 500 metre radius of my place.


does anyone feel like australia is kind of a tradieocracy, tradies are our true ruling class or at least the class all politics in society pander to. all govt policy is designed in some way to benefit tradies. ive disliked most tradies ive met ive always felt they are high school bullies moving on to the next world.

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Agent 47

Agree but it’s obviously tied to the property developer world.


Have a lot of mates that are tradies and they were not school bullys, however i agree with you broadly, they are a protected species, if were gonna throw the borders open im all for bringing in se asian tradies , and real estate people then recognising there licences , i think we might finally get some change in oz if it ever happened.


There’s been hordes of vietnamese tradies for a decade so not sure what your point is? They probably do no worse a job than the bulk no frills bogan too.


100% stagmal! We are supposed to be in hard lockdown in Victoria yet Bunnings is still open.


I know it is satire, but what isn’t satire is Victoria economically producing nothing. My father has asked me what does Victoria produce that can be exported. He is not wrong. It seems that the state barely talks about it or even acknowledges it.


This was published 10 years ago and is even more relevant today:


Given the economic model of converting WA’s mineral wealth into an immigration Ponzi scheme in the East, I maintain existing Australians would be better served as residents if the Federation was dissolved and all the states operated as independent nation states with their own economies and currencies.


I am increasingly in agreement with you on this.