Chris Becker sacked from Macrobusiness after posting pro-Trump meme

Macrobusiness fund manager Chris Becker has been sacked tonight, after revelations he posted a pro-Trump meme in Macro Afternoon.

Becker, who maintained it was an innocent mistake, was marched after a MAGA meme featuring Donald Trump in a positive fashion was posted in the Macro Afternoon section last night. It was swiftly taken down, with an announcement made that Becker had been sacked effectively immediately.

Becker remained defiant that it was not intentional.

“It was an honest mistake. I went to upload one of my usual boomer-tier anti-Trump memes that I’d been consistently posting the last 4 years and realised I’d posted a pro-one by mistake. I was then told that I was fired,” Becker said.

“I guess I just had a memory lapse. We all make mistakes. Posting stocks up/stocks down/stocks mixed twice a day, which no-one reads anyway, is a tougher gig than you would think.”

Becker said there was no ill will and that acting as the Macrobusiness censor was one of his most cherished memories.

“Some of my best work was letting commenters like Mig, Gunna and drsmithy, who side with my brand of vapid, cosmopolitan progressive politics, continually spam the comments section with garbage. Furthermore, cancelling paying members for wrong think is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.

“It at least took focus off my piss-poor management of the fund.”

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LOL – when satire is too close to reality.



jokes aside cancel culture has gotta be one of the most sickening ‘moral’ developments to emerge in the 21st century


The only thing new is the name cancel.
People have been silencing people with opinions they don’t like forever.


Being cancelled beats being burned at the stake for heresy.

Miguel de Sousa

Yeah leave the statues alone! They’re the real victims

Miguel de Sousa

will she be holding a dubbo seminar lmao

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal
Agent 47

Fucking LOL


Chinese Astroturfer

Trump was living rent free in Becker’s head for a long time. He was becoming increasingly unhinged the closer it got to the election.

I couldn’t imagine getting all eaten up by some guy on the other side of the planet.

Miguel de Sousa

He says with the handle Chinese something 🤦‍♂️

Chinese Astroturfer

Nice day to be harassing women in the park champ

Miguel de Sousa

Any. Day. Of. The. Week.

Chinese Astroturfer

How does it work?

Do you smoke cones all afternoon then get on the gear at night, or afternoon glass barbie following by ripping bongs all night to fall asleep?

Miguel de Sousa

Both, and pills


You haven’t killed yourself yet.

Good for you.

Miguel de Sousa

Lol. Well played

Fluck me silly by Scarlett J, i nearly bought the fake news reading about it on the unrelated topic.
List of “approved commenariades” is an excellent choice.
Captious is a summary of DrSmithy in a single word.


With the MB site cleared of natural predators, rodent’s comments like the Professor and skippy have been able to multiply out of control.