Andrew Giles to grant asylum to Chinese citizens who washed up in WA after discovering they had come to buy investment properties

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles has announced that 30 Chinese citizens that were aboard an asylum boat that turned up in north west WA at the weekend, will be granted protection.

Giles announced that the group had declared that they had turned up on Australian shores to purchase residential property, and had several Aldi bags full of cash aboard at the time.

“It’s the right thing to do. China has made it very difficult to get cash out of the country and it’s only right that we help them getting it into Sydney residential real estate as fast as possible,” Giles said.

“They’re just hardworking Chinese mums and dads trying to get on the property ladder in Australia and it’s only fair that they have a fair go at laundering like anyone else.”

Giles ruled out issuing tents to the men and instead advised that they would be put up in Star City Casino, until auctions on the coming Saturday.

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Cremaster and Commander

Account suspended?


imagine having to stand there in this situation and listen to this gargoyle lecture you

the arborist

Imagine being that weak that you allow yourself to be publicly lectured by such a gargoyle.


>go out of their way to be with violent chads
>reee it’s all the non-violent guys’ fault

Gruppenführer Mark

Michael McCormack is a true hero. He should be an inspiration to all Australians. He needs to be turned into a symbol, like some of those who followed after him!

Ironic Boomer

The reason feminists go on and on and never stfu about rape and sexual assault is to forment anti male sentiment.
The idea that someone has the *right* to *feel* safe is retarded. That idea has no conceptual boundaries to it. It can conveniently forever be redefined by those weilding it, in this case feminists, for corrupt power and resources. Corruption meaning power without commensurate responsibility.


right, some people dont feel safe even going outside their house they are that insanely neurotic, why should they be accommodated at all


Yep just another lot of grifting scum that deserve the rope. A whole industry that compliments most of the others that run ezfka.


The truth behind the stats of violence against women are not something these types want to discuss though.

Violence against women is for cowards and shitbags, but a huuuge percentage of the perpetrators are from a small subset.

The rate of Aboriginal men committing violence against their female partners is 31 times that of white men.

Add in the fact violence is acceptable amongst Muslims and Indians (plus their higher incidence of those women not to report) and you actually have a very small rate by white Australian men.

Hugely disproportionate blame, but that doesn’t get you a Government Grant etc.

the arborist

I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the contributions of the sub-Saharan African community in our society.

Their peaceful and generous nature makes them ideal neighbours, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivalled by any other culture.

Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all those who hope to achieve prominence as a people.

Real estate values are fuelled by the mix of sub-Saharan Africans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self-improvement by hard work and self-reliant, can-do nature.

Without their industrious and creative drive we would most undoubtedly be poorer as a nation.


Africans are Jews gift to the world.

the arborist

The Germans demonstrated their appreciation.


FDA Finally Takes Down Ivermectin Posts After Settlement

Nevrrmind the deaths caused by ventilators janbadabba and deaths from restriction from access to a horse dewormer

A fly in your ointment

…and another one bites the dust

death always cone in threesome. let’s see which public personality scores the next winning ticket

There is indeed a serious risk that, rather than the West teaching Russia a lesson and putting Putin in his place, the opposite may occur.



took them this long to realise this?

A fly in your ointment

Nope, not there yet.

2025 methinks


I’m old enough to remember when they said the superior tech of the west would make a joke of the Russian military.

Wielding a dick at another convict then jerking off….

Never mind that this caused the new rule which allows wardens to penalise convict for one more thing


Keeping boats on the street that they barely use. Anglos be like muh water n shieet.

the arborist

Breaking news: Indians are immune to stink.

Israel’s (Stink) MOAB INEFFECTIVE on Indians