NSW Police to be replaced at Mardi Gras with float honouring gay domestic violence

NSW Police will not march in the Sydney Mardi Gras today, instead being replaced with a float paying tribute to gays bashing each other.

A week after a NSW Police Constable killed two pillowbiters in a suspected lovers tiff, a float honouring the significant and per capita role domestic violence in the gay community will replace the constabulary.

“It’s a fantastic and respectful replacement in light of the gay on gay violence that happened last week,” NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb.

“The media hve done a great job deflecting that it was another case of homosexual domestic violence, blaming everything from Police to guns to lack of diversity. This at least captures the spirit and pays tribute to the two homo lives taken by another faggot with low impulse control.”

Webb also later confirms that the recruitment crisis being experienced by NSW Police had been almost instantly alleviated, after discovering that public interest in shooting gays had driven up enlistment inquiries to record levels.

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Agent 47


We need more based caravan parks.

>Suburbtrends founder Kent Lardner argued an “$800,000 house or a $700,000 unit is not the solution in terms of price and time — it can’t be”, and that instead Australia must look at caravan parks.
“America hovers around 6 per cent of its population live in mobile home villages,” he said.

It’s not just Tulip it’s fuckin everyone. Aussies are dead set cunts. Probably why we find the word not terribly offensive. Well I don’t.


He is an absolute dunce. Seems he has finally realised that YIMBYs have an image problem, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to turn that perception around.



id like to think they’re being singlehandedly destroyed on twitter by a few punks who just follow them around and shit on everything they say

phillip john brown

the ezfka account

j walter sparkey



I wonder how many ips she’s got. I wanna be in the meathead jew demographic. Thinking is for losers.


A fly in your ointment

If there is one group of participants in a society with ample access to a deadly force whilst all others are devoid of a meaningful deadly force, its only a matter of time when will such group begin to use it indiscriminately. We are well past that point where no member of such group will ever be convicted of a wrongdoing.
Welcome to this pond, fines, penalties and being gunned down applies.


Cops get away with less today than at any time in the past.


not against political dissidents that are outside the scope of social protection and interest

but otherwise yes


I’m referring to western democracies here. Even the groups you mention aren’t getting the stomping they used to.

Sure, different story in other countries.


Oh FFS, Give it a rest. One poofter cop shoots his ex bum-buddy and the new boyfriend because he got dumped, and suddenly you reckon the cops are mowing people down “indiscriminately”?

Agent 47


Apparently there’s a tribute to them tonight at dicks up arses parade.

Poofs mourning poofs killed by a poof.

Gruppenführer Mark

Presactly. This is a run-of-the-mill domestic violence case, but it is presented with a twist. Victims are “two beautiful souls”, great members of community (which community?), the perpetrator is charged. But the cause is the system, the police, access to guns, insert your own, but not the sword swallower. Because the system oppressed him/her/it.

High on emotion, though.


its some sort of poofter love triangle gone awry

im assuming those things tend to often end pretty badly


I really hope access to guns doesn’t cause crime, because me and my mates, well, we own hundreds of guns. Literally hundreds and hundreds of them, no exaggeration. If they cause crime, we sure are gonna be in big trouble one day.