The Great Replacement: RIP Australia’s healthcare system as Albo brings back the Indian grandmother visas

Just when you thought they were gone, here they are snuck into the budget:

  • The number of skilled visas available will increase significantly from 79,600 to 142,400.
  • More parent visas will be available, with the government increasing the allocation from 4,500 to 8,500 this year.

The Albanese government will almost double the number of parent visas and will significantly increase the number of skilled visas available as part of the federal budget.

It has also restored some migration program funding after it was cut by the previous Morrison government.”

Not only are they back, they have doubled them. Also partially explains Daniel Andrews out trying to chase the Indian vote in the state election.

Exactly what a hospital and ambulance system already destroyed by jabs, jab mandates and mass immigration needs. Another wave of sickly third worlders hobbling down the street in traditional garb, death staring at the locals while making a beeline for that Medicare/NDIS gravy train and to take up further spots in our aged care system down the track. Australian aged care is a hilarious indictment on our country, where we import third worlders to look after third worlders (and every so often a local gets bashed by an African who spergs out).

Parental visas (and their temporary equivalent visitor visas, which are essentially free childcare for migrants) are a total drain on the economic zone and are part of the ‘value proposition’ visa scam lobbied for by migrant groups and the lawyer parasite class. We don’t get the same treatment overseas, but we have to carry their burden because white people bad.

The inquiry into parental visas done by the productivity commission several years ago showed how much of a scam these things are, but just like every other inquiry and royal commission it’s completely ignored by anyone that can do anything about it.

The ALP didn’t make the mistake again of announcing them before the election a la 2019, that much I have to give them credit for. However, I don’t think it would have mattered and it’s just as fucked up.

Again, this is all deliberate and voting won’t fix it.

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Sux for the Boomers 😂


The pension is also going to become worthless. Not only diluted by non taxpaying foreigners. It is has become a tax minimisation scheme for the wealthy (less taxes to support pension system). There is also an army of idiots nearing retirement living it up via drawing against their homes with the knowledge they can pay off their mortgage with superannuation and go on the pension. The bank vultures are also in on the act checking superannuations balances and letting people borrow against their super.


It is not just the pension system that will collapse (except super, they will remain solvent and well looked after), it is the whole welfare system that will collapse. The health system in Victoria collapsed due to Covid cases and yet Dictator Dan wants more of these visas. Victoria’s health care system is inadequate for its current population.


great article rents and affordable livble cities too. our country is getting shittier by the day.


Yeah, but there is a 1,000,000 visa backlog that must be approved. Or so we are led to believe.

Wife was at an auction on Saturday (stickybeaking) and the auctioneer was saying that the migration rate is up, vacancy rate is low and now is the time to buy.


a lot of medicare and ndis billing on these useless mouths

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Its shit, and I’ve given up. It’s hopeless and at the macro level we’re doomed.

Meanwhile, we have to do the best we can with what what we’ve got, where we are.

Sooo….at the micro level, family, food, money and guns. I’m looking out for me and mine. If these foreign cunts stay away from me they won’t get hurt.

Agent 47

Doing similar. Not going to give up as wife and I had a little one earlier in the year and trying to do the best for her.

Best thing we can do in my opinion other than building networks and skills is destroying confidence in the current system as much as possible.

When Andrews is inevitably re elected in a couple of weeks a lot more people are going to finally realise what a WOFTAM voting is and hasten things. Well see I guess.


The NPCs won’t do anything until the sportsball is gone and the fridge is empty. Until then they will blindly do as their political overlords command and pull the blue team/red team lever at the polls somehow believing that it will change anything.

A fly in your ointment

The inquiry into parental visas done by the productivity commission several years ago showed how much of a scam these things are, but just like every other inquiry and royal commission it’s completely ignored by anyone that can do anything about it.

a scam indeed it is,
but scum that sets environment for scam to flourish is the one where your anger should be focused.
in the country where legally issued visa is overriden by a ministerial discretion (djokovic) because the person is a threat to national security (aka vaccinazism) to even think that high immigration of semi skilled and geronto populace is not by a design from but some sort of a cat-mouse game of gaming the system is as dense as common Emma Renay jabbed voter can be.
So go on, deflect from the real culprit and focus on cattle rather than the farmer for the destruction of grazing lands.

LOL, the greatest ever achievemt Warden class Australians have made is to make prisoner class ezfka units believe that in warden’s eyes they are a higher and better class ezfka units than the last night’s Pakistani arrivals. Friesian Sahiwal believing it is not destined for abattoirs like Angus or Nagori or Bengal Grey.


The entire fucking post is blaming the politicians lol.

Only the boganest of bogans actually blames migrants for coming here.


tbh i dont see whats so bad about blaming either

i get why migrants come herre but to pretend a lot of them arent doing dodgy shit to get in or arent also responsible in a diffuse way for what has gone wrong is just retarded

obv most of the blame belongs to the politicians who let them, but at the same time we elect those politicians, so its the publics fault too

everybody deserves blame for this clusterfuck, no ones innocent


Rorting is the quintessence of the EZFKA, the system doesn’t even try to stop migrant rorts, in fact the powers that be probably have a good chuckle when they hear what the new Aussies are up to.

I can’t blame anyone for abusing our non-existent social trust. Intelligent people quickly realise that the EZFKA is nothing but a smash-and-grab.

Agent 47

Gotta agree with staggy, two wrongs don’t make a right and importing more of the smash and grab behaviour into EZFKA only dooms it for everyone.

IMO fetishization of migrants by white Australians is absolutely a bizarre kind of self loathing but theres been 40 years of multicult propaganda so its understandable where it comes from. They have entire social media groups set up to rort the migration program, they know exactly what they’re doing.

They do try and combat said rorts at the law enforcement level, however the volume is now just way too much to be effective and it’s now a systemic problem. Most of the successes never makes the press which is frustrating.


If they don’t smash and grab, they’ll get smashed and grabbed. The rorting is at every level, from every direction. Just to hold your own from the Boomer cunts who own everything, you need to get your bag too.

It’s way too late for the EZFKA so I wouldn’t worry about ruining it for everyone.

Agent 47

Exactly my point, they can go smash and grab in their own countries, we dont need more of it on top of the locals. ‘Everyone is doing it so it’s ok’ is exactly the kind of relativist post modernist garbage that’s transformed Aus into ezfka.

The boomer meme needs to die and only dense cunts like Jordies actually believe it. A handful of greedy cunts did well off of property, most of them are as broke as the millenials.


2 + 2 doesn’t equal 5. The Boomers aren’t broke, it’s suspect if you’re trying to make me believe things that are obviously false.

Blame the pollies for bringing in people who only know how to smash and grab despite the fact the public has always opposed it. The pollies are the ones who won’t even put a photo on a Medicare card to close the laziest rort there is. Wouldn’t want to lose a stacked vote.

Agent 47

100% agree on the Medicare card rort but again, who are the demographics usually responsible for rorting that – Indians, Viets and Lebos in that order. But yeh, they arent to blame because reasons.

Point about boomers reflects freddys excellent post about pensions above – there’s a section of them just have a ppor that they’re drawing from and dont own anything else. Debt rich.

The rest might be working class and own one house they bought 50 years ago and have nothing else and are now being told to sell it into a falling market, compounding the pension problem. A lot of homeless and renting boomers as well esp women.

FWIW I’m renting with a child and am pretty much locked out of the market, so I have no dog in that fake and gay fight.


Imagine whining about a falling house market after the last 20 years, f me.


And who is telling any Boomer to sell their family home, nobody is doing that


they are incentivised not to given a pile of cash counts against their pension but a 2 million buck house doesnt


Forcing retirees out of their home is a bad idea. As is laughing at the deteriorating quality of medical care as per your “sux for boomers” comment.

These things will affect you one day but you don’t care because it seems so far away. That is the game being played. Turn you against old people and get you to vote for policies that will also hurt you one day.


I’m not trying to force anyone from their home, just wondering what old mate is scaremongering about.

By the time I’m old we’ll be living in either Mad Max or a WEF North Korea only serving certain demographics so no Boomer welfare shit is going to exist.

On a personal level, I don’t like them and don’t care about them and from what I can tell they feel the same way. They built this society and love it aside from Medicare getting killed off.


last time I checked only 6000 people had accessed the government’s reverse mortgage program

place of residence needs to be included in any assets test


I find that comment very naive. My parents bought a modest family home many decades ago in their local community. They have no super and were promised a pension and free healthcare. Your solution is to pull the rug on another social contract. Kick them out of their home and community because idiotic monetary policy makes them “wealthy”. Meanwhile all the genuine rich people set up family trusts etc to hide their wealth and pay nothing.

Reverse mortgages have my vote for the dumbest idea ever. Thank fuck rates are rising so that people start to understand how quickly these “wealthy” retirees would become homeless with falling asset prices and rising interest payments.



Maybe the cunts will vote to keep the borders closed

as if they haven’t had enough of a free fucking ride already

free education
cheap houses
jobs for everybody

about time they paid society back

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Boomer, Gen X, Millennial were terms used for marketing.
Now it’s being used to divide. Just think in terms of people and you’ll be much happier.

A fly in your ointment


A fly in your ointment

thing is…. not all the boganest of bogans are tattooed, driving a Ute and fingering a Blue Heeler. Majority now have long sleeves to hide their tattoos, have 2 investment properties, drive a top range Land Cruiser and finger a poodle.
It is like a jab denial. Shift some or all the blame on new immigrants that were hand picked by wardens to fornicate on everything EZFKA had up until 20yrs ago and particularly to fornicate prisoner class ezfka units – so that one does not have to deal with cognitive dissonance of being fornicated by own “protectors”.
20yrs ago annual 25000 immigration quota was mix and match of ethnicities for a reason. FFWD 25 yrs and vast majority of immigrants are from one continent. There is no fuqing way almost 1% annual immigration can blend in without major breaking of society.
But it’s so easy to put blinkers on and shift the blame elsewhere…. Putin did it! Eskimos are to blame!


I don’t actually blame the individual migrants for wanting a better life – even though I maintain the majority look at Australia as a short cut to a better life.

My criticism of the majority of our immigrants is that they are now low grade – they are highly endogamous, barely speak English, are poorly trained and are taught by the media in a similar way to Australians, that they, existing Australians aren’t entitled to their lifestyle (they stole it) and that they, the immigrant, are wanted and needed.

But despite my criticisms of the median modern migrant I don’t blame the individual migrant for coming here, they are powerless apart from their pursuit of self interest in largely escaping poverty. I place 100% of the blame with the media (conservative & progressive) and elite businessmen who fund our politicians, they are to blame for disempowering existing Australians in terms of our ability to pursue our own self interest as a people and society. They are the enemy.

I hate progressives in the media, and the Frank Lowys, Trog and Gerry Harveys more than I hate any immigrant.

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A fly in your ointment

proverbial pot and kettle… it’s illegal to be unjabbed with a clot shot but prohibition of public drunkenness and lewd behaviour is medieval.


Great. More smelly curries….