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Aussie Soy Boy

It will be another controlled captured moron like Johnson, Biden, Albanese totally adored by the media. If they get the coloured boy in there they can probably push through all kinds of sick shit that wouldn’t be palatable coming from a fat philandering Tory toff.

A fly in your ointment

black peppercorn, green peppercorn, a spice is a spice, the stew never changes.

A fly in your ointment

LOL, nope, just my blabber

The old Gipsy proverb is “whichever way you turn around [yourself], your bum will still be behind”


whoever the new guy will be he will have the exact same hawkish mindset towards ukraine johnson had. johnson is pretty much singlehandedly responsible for sabotaging the peace efforts there out of some vain desire to be the next winston churchill (somebody he is so obsessed with he wrote a crappy book about)

A fly in your ointment

well, he’s half way on the way to be the Churchill-ite
he’s a fat slob, just need to be a cunning politician and he’s there


And just like Churchill (after Gallipoli), Johnson has been forced to resign.

Let’s hope history does not continue to rhyme, and Johnson doesn’t make a comeback as did Churchill.

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Churchill is a fat slob – if given a time machine it is Churchill who I’d go back and assassinate.


Go on

what’s the alternate history outcome


Start with the Haavara agreement and all his efforts to oppose the agreement, and retain control of British control of Palestine and the middle east:


This intransigence extended across to Churchill’s enforcement of German WW1 debts and general opposition to any peaceful resolution to any of the legitimate issues Germany had with its nearby neighbours.

Basically substitute the US for the UK, and Russia for Germany, and the Ukraine for Poland, and you will see why many see a truer reflection of the “alternate history” as being a truer or more likely representation of reality.

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The other interesting observation that much of the ethnic strife that was occurring in Poland that was motivating Germany to take action, was being driven by much of the same ethnic motivation that has driven Russia to take action for what was taking place in the Ukraine.

Basically the additional thing linking these two conflicts that are nearly a century apart – the Pale settlement


In the first conflict it was wealthy businessmen in the US and Britain funding ‘Bolshevik’ activity in Poland carried out against ethnic Germans who lived within Poland, as punishment for Hitler’s push back against the replacement of German culture with Jewish Globalism and MultiCult.

In the second conflict it is wealthy businessmen in the US, Britain and Israel, funding ‘Nazi’ activity in the Ukraine, essentially being carried out against ethnic Russians living in the Eastern Orthodox half of the country ie Donbase, as punishment for Putin’s push back against the West’s version of Globohomo, mass migration and MultiCult.

Capture - Copy.JPG
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Honestly have you never thought of the reason WHY they never subtitle Hitler’s speeches?

Because the grivences his lists would be all to familiar today.

Heard of Hitler’s call for “Lebensraum” everyone is told nearly from birth now-a-days that it means he was after literal living space for Germans to expand on move into.

Quite the opposite actually, his call for lebensraum was simply a space where German culture could continue to exist and work to perpetuate itself, instead of being replaced and improved through MultiCult.

Highly endogenous population groups that historically resisted integrating where ever they moved to as a diaspora, viewed the idea of a melting pot as ‘cultural genocide’ and instead insisted that their hosts instead were the ones to commit ‘cultural genocide’ via MultiCult.

The reality is that it is the Highly endogenous population groups (basically those who would prefer marrying their cousins than marrying a gentile or an infidel) are the true racists in our society. They view their own cultural distinctiveness to be more important and better, than those of the people around them.

That is the reason why they don’t translate and subtitle Hitler’s speech’s, because too many minds would be opened to what is going on around us.

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So yeah – why would I go back and assassinate Churchill?

Because he was on the side of the Globalists who want to do THIS to every one of our nations…. there basically isn’t going to be any homogenous white nations in the ‘West’, just like there are basically not going to be any ethnic Germans.

Play the long game and you will win every time.

Rome went from a population of around 1.5m around the time Caracalla basically dissolved the idea of ethnic Romans when he said EVERYONE in the Roman empire was Roman, to less than 300,000 people in the space of a century.

This is fate is now practically baked into the entire Western world. In 40 years the only relatively homogenous white nations left in the world will be in Eastern Europe.

Capture - Copy.JPG
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Hitler was beloved by Germans prior to WW2 – young women would literally burst into hysterical tears at the sight of him long before the Beetles invented beetle mania. In comparison Putin is far less popular.

”Russia was never at any risk of mass migration, globohomo and multicult as nobody wants to go there.”

Ukraine, poorest nation in Europe has taken in tens of thousands African refugees , because even the poorest, shit-hole nation in Europe is still better than Africa. Russia is/was just as much at risk from toxic migration as the rest of the world.


 Modern Russia is a terrible place run by corrupt officials and oligarchs and Putin himself is an authoritarian dictator who has cynically cultivated this. 

This may be true but EXACTLY the same is true of Zelinski. Why is our approve puppet dictator any better than Russia’s?

Every impression we have of Putin, or Hitler, for that matter has been carefully curated for our consumption. There are no ‘good’ guys in any of this, on either side.

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the propaganda was strong.

Undoubtably. But it was also true that prior to his election as Chancellor, Germany and German culture had been reduced to a depraved Wienmerian nightmare. The middle class had been entirely destroyed, life savings annihilated, prostitution was rampant, mothers, sons, daughters, could be had for any purpose.

Basically German had beaten, impoverished and humiliated for 10 years. The were continuously lectured by their new elites that they deserved it, that their complaints were simply Bourgeois privilege and that their future was going to be one where a MultiCult nirvana replaced their antiquated, traditional German and Christian values.

Hitler came to power in the depths of the Great Depression, and by 1936, three years later, while the rest of the world was slipping back into the slow down recession he’d ended reparations, achieved near full employment and given their dignity.

but no. Russia is in charge of Russian borders.

Only because i) Russia has refused to cowl to very same Globalists who now control the West; and ii) Russia is actually already fairly MultiCultural due to internal immigration from the independent Republics within its Federation – all the ‘stans + Siberia, etc.

>Zelinski was elected and his predecessor ceded power, while Putin had been emperor for decades

Zelinski came to power under one of the CIA’s coloured revolutions, that they had been performing around the world at that time – mainly in the ‘Arab Spring’.

“…who was part of the newly installed Ukrainian Government, which the Obama Administration itself had actually just installed in Ukraine, in what the head of the “private CIA” firm Stratfor correctly calledthe most blatant coup in history.

Putin invaded Ukraine after repeated efforts to resolve differences with a US/Israeli puppet installed following one of the US’s “coloured revolutions” made it impossible. The entire US action carried out on the other side of the world was simply done as a part of the Brzenzinki doctrine to ensure US hegemony forever.

Since Russia invaded the West has basically diverted all available stockpiled munitions they can spare, while the Ukraine has conscripted virtually every Ukrainian capable of holding a gun, to fight the Russians – of which they have ZERO chance of actually defeating even with Western support, and defend until the very last Ukrainian.

Basically this is another Globalist ‘brother war’ that the West is gleefully sponsoring, knowing that Russia will inevitably win, but will untimately be something of pyrrhic victory as the Ukraine will be utterly destroyed in the process.

This is exactly what independent analysts, like John Mearsheimer, were warning about in 2014. The goal is to sacrifice/destroy Ukraine, in order to bring down Russia and Putin and ensure the Globalists complete hegemony over everyone and everything – forever.



I don’t really know anything about history, so its all new to me


Yes, it will be a WEF lackey, but will it matter? The MOAR war attitude will start to wear thin when people are cold and hungry during winter.


Gruppenführer Mark

You know you have made it onto a list of obscurity, when even ZeroHedge won’t carry the resignation of a UK PM as a front-page news article – currently buried on page 3. And not a lead story in Australia either.

Remember Trump days? Front page, all day, every day.


CNN’s ratings are now in the toilet given Trump is no longer president. I guess he kept media organisations somewhat profitable.