“Not in my backyard” Zoe Daniel and Monique Ryan call for ban on wind turbines proposed for Brighton Beach

Climate 200 independents Zoe Daniel and Monique Ryan have lashed out at a proposal to build wind turbines from Brighton Beach down to Chelsea.

The members for Goldstein and Kooyong have vowed to introduce legislation blocking any wind turbines in their electorates, slamming the decision to build by them by the state ALP government as ‘environmentally destructive.’

‘This is outrageous, the number of birds that will be killed by these things is massive and the complete eye sore that they make along our beautiful coast is disgusting. The oil required to lubricate the turbines themselves will pollute our pristine waters,” Daniel said.

“This is something for another suburb, possibly Frankston or past the peninsula where this is out of sight, out of mind.”

The bill will be supported by Sustainable Australia apparently, right after they make sure it’s not racist to do so.

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Seriously once you see it you can’t unsee it. FFS Are they really independent if they are all Jewish?

I always wondered why there was going to be a travel bubble with Israel early on in the whuflu pandemic , Israel is about as relevant as Nepal to most Australian s.

Whenever I see some public figure harping on moralising I do a quick google is [insert name] Jewish.

I’m surely on a GayFP watchlist somewhere by now!

80-90% of the time, if not in ancestry you will find these mouthpieces are endorsed by the community…

I blame you stew 😜🤣


Are they really?

Is this confirmed ?
I never know how to tell

Agent 47

They aren’t AFAIK, already done the early life check. If they are they have hidden it well.

That being said, a simple search tells you the jewish demographic in those electorates firmly support them. Same shit really.

Agent 47

Not only that, the other one in Sydney Allegra Spender wants a return to mass immigration. Not even a week after being elected and it’s return to status quo.

Buyers remorse is going to be a feature not a bug this next three years. MB wanted this and now ye shall have it.



Don’t their electorates love mass immigration? Brighton and Hampton are all for it. Helps their share and property investment portfolios.

The teal independents will lobby for Tesla and rooftop solar subsidies which is a win for them. Plus being Collins Street farmer ie owning farmland, they will want generous tax concessions to fallow their land and put some carbon in the soil. They want tax dollars spent on them rather than public transport and housing efficiency investment in the outer suburbs which might actually help reduce carbon footprints.

Agent 47


As others have said, the EV and solar subsidies are going to be a spectacular rorting opportunity.

All hail EZFKA.

Aussie Soy Boy

As I have mentioned, each of these assholes (as well as the assholes in the rich-fag electorates who voted for them) have far higher ecological/carbon footprints than I do yet I don’t really go out of my way to lower my ecological footprint, don’t preach to others, don’t even think about my footprint to be honest. I’m just not a wasteful, use equipment until I can no longer have it repaired (never dispose of something because I want something new and shiny), don’t own multiple properties, no garden that requires watering, etc.

All these teal women have slappable faces. They all have a similar look about them like they go to the same barber.


Unrelated but lol…

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Update from the retarded vagina brigade. While sad for us, these people understand they are losing.

Chances are we will see more crazy as they feel power slipping away, and each misstep will only reduce consent of the governed.

Eventually the only laws will be the ones enforced, as things fall apart.

Safeguard yourself, keep your head down, and engage in civil disobedience. These morons are too stupid to survive, give them the rope to hang themselves.

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Big Tech is part of the elite. They are attending the WEF. They pretty much control the information now.