International students can’t wait to resume undercutting Australian wages and working illegally 80 hours a week

The Morrison government has announced that fully vaccinated international students will return to EZFKA from December 15th, as part of the ‘Great Replacement’ post-pandemic economy.

For most students, it’s a great chance to work way more than their permitted 40 hours a fortnight and cause complete chaos on the roads and footpaths delivering food to other international students and lazy cunt Aussies.

“I’m excited again sir to work two full-time jobs, never attend class, drive up rents and clog infrastructure,” international student Harpreet Singh said through an interpreter.

“International students are economic contributors to Australia, sir. That’s why we work cash-in-hand and remit money back home we don’t pay any tax on, while using as much infrastructure as we can. Australians are racist and migrants have every right to take as much value out of this country as we can while giving minimal back.”

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is currently exploring an amendment to give instant citizenship to any of the students who take out a mortgage for an investment property.

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Honest user

FFS hire a designer. Your fonts look like shit – and not in a good/shit way. The tone of the content is good – but you guys just aren’t funny. All you need to do is a semi-humorous alternative to mb. You’re trying too hard to be funny – but the actual angle you take on issues is great.

Ee Zed Eff Kaye Ay

I agree, my eyes hurt!


Lighten up, Honest user, it’s almost Christmas!

What font would you like, man? I’ll ask Santa to change it just for you.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

i’d have to agree, the font makes my eyes bleed…

Agent 47

No I agree about the font. Change it to something safe like Segoe or Times New Roman. This is an eyesore.

Agent 47

lol these posts always come out when they’re over the target.

Slow day over there at Labor HQ DLS?


These posts are much funnier than DLS’s attempt at humour. Remember when he tried it with ‘The Strayan’. Absolute cringe.

My only criticism is that some of these are wrongly classified as satire when they should be classified as spoiler alerts.


This should be on the form somewhere for all new arrivals.