Police brace themselves for new wave of fatalities from Indian truck drivers as Australian borders re-open

Police around EZFKA are bracing themselves for a new wave of fatatlies and serious incidents involving Indian truck drivers.

International students are set to enter EZFKA in the next few weeks, and with it comes a new wave of non-qualified Indians and dangerous driving on EZFKA roads with fraudulent licences.

“Fatalities on EZFKA roads are just the cost of doing business for keeping this ponzi and consumption economy going and Indian truck drivers have really proven themselves the world’s most skilful at causing needless accidents,” NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said.

“I mean, who at the Department of Transport wouldn’t trust Rajwinder Singh and his handwritten B-double licence from India? It’s completely racist and xenophobic to suggest that migrants can’t falsify their qualifications and come here and cause fatalities. They have every right to.”

Lindsay Fox is looking forward to the arrival of his workforce and is launching a new ‘student visa subcontractor subscription service.’

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Ah, this reminds me of some of the early days of EZFKA: https://www.ezfka.com/2020/10/08/logistics-specialist-does-runner-after-crashing-truck/

I’ve not been able to find out whether the logistics specialist from that crash was ever identified/tracked down 😣. Can anyone do a better job?

Reus's Large MEMBER

Having grown up in a city with a very large India population I can attest to the irregularities of sub continental drivers and their acquisition of licenses.

We used to think that 10-15k road deaths over the Xmas period was low. Of course the authorities here are simply going to say speed was a factor and have more cameras and lower the speed limits, rather than forcing them to pass a Australian test.


They can always blame climate change.


The choice is cheap incomplete truck drivers or competent better paid truck drivers. Given the road trip from Brighton to the city has little truck traffic, the choice has been made for you by the elites.