Australian hospitality industry relieved as $10/hour cash-in-hand international students set to return

EZFKA’s hospitality sector have breathed a collective sigh of relief, as international students have been given the green light to return, cancelling plans to actually invest in training citizens.

The struggling hospitality sector, which spent the last 18 months bending over for government mandates, is delighted that cheap imported labour is back to save the day and the EZFKA spirit of exploitation is in vogue again.

“We’ve been struggling actually having to pay decent wages the last few months after telling staff that didn’t want to be guinea pigs to fuck off,” Sydney Café owner Tom Sorenson said.

“We can get back to the business of paying Indian and Nepalese students $10 an hour off the books. The real problem of sky-high rents is in the too hard basket. Mate I’ve got two investment properties to pay off, so I’m just glad wage theft has returned. This is EZFKA after all, someone else but me will wear the cost.”

The first flight of imports is expected next week.

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Agent 47


Fuck these restaurateurs. Same cunts that are going along with the vaccine passport mandates and claiming it’s not their responsibility.

They can go broke. Fuck em.


What has been so surprising is how fast the horrible parts of pre 2020 life has come back.
Mass immigration: starting next month
Wage theft: beginning next year
Destruction of living standards: continuing next year
Elites’ contempt of deplorables like me: oh wait, that never stopped

Agent 47

Which is why, in my book, that the plebs that rushed out to get vaccinated (particularly mb) while decrying migration and supporting border closures are dumb shits.

Yeh it’s a shit choice but if more people refused an masse the borders would have stayed shut longer.

anyways will it matter for the next outbreak in a few months time?

Reus's Large MEMBER

I agree, had we held the line en-mass then they would have had no choice but to let us out as the economy would have been on the ropes, I am sure that they would have just moved the goal posts to 50% vaccinated to let the students in but at leas less people would have died or gotten injured from the vaccines.

Agent 47

Yup. Anyways I think another lockdown is inbound just after Christmas.


Which is why, in my book, that the plebs that rushed out to get vaccinated (particularly mb) while decrying migration and supporting border closures are dumb shits.

yes, this seems right.


I share your view. From the drop ball by the previous pin head NSW Premier , it was clear as day this was part of their objective.

I’m not vaccinated and remain so as long as possible. This is one of the reasons, and in an office of five staff. Post Vax Two had negative effects, one admitted to hospital. Two absolutely fine and the only non mutant myself.

Agent 47

LOL get a load of these gormless cunts supporting slavery while being an ALP mouthpiece.

Man they’re cringe.


That is the cringiest piece. But I guess their readership are inner city Labor supporters who love their slaves bringing them food and driving them around.


LOL yeah “wooo the nepalese are here to take my wages, im saved”


It is interesting how the progressives try to paint the illusion that they are angels on this issue. Labor and Greens will never make mention that they not only complicit in the immigration wage rort by continued support of fake “skilled visa” programs. They also have respective policies to give the parents of those immigrants free (or almost free) permanent residency including access to welfare and healthcare, all paid for by the tax payers that cannot afford to buy a house and raise a family of their own.


Cafe’s don’t pay. The scam is Cafe’s receiving two years’ salary in return for visa sponsorship and receiving the money back as paid salary.

Agent 47

Not for international students as there is no sponsorship. It’s all very much cash and way above the 40hrs per fortnight they’re allowed to work.

Scam you’re referring to is very much alive in the “skilled” migration visas ie 482 and 186 sponsored visas.