Andrews delays urgent pandemic bill to give him more time to bribe or blackmail another crossbencher

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has delayed a vote on the permanent pandemic bill another two weeks, after former ALP MLC Adem Somyurek showed up to thwart the vote.

Andrews told the daily press conference that he ‘remained committed’ to ramming through the bill after withdrawing for another two weeks, to allow for the bribery and/or blackmail of another crossbencher to sway the vote.

Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese has also authorised the deployment of Aldi bags full of cash from the NSW Labor branch, to ensure the integrity of the vote from the crossbench.

“I remain committed to my usual two steps forward and one step back strategy of getting the permanent SOE passed watered down initially and then amended again later on,” Andrews said.

“Everything and anything is on the cards and we are exploring the possibility of stitching Adem up at IBAC with some kind of charge. Failing all that, I’ll pay another actor to get a crossbow or something out the front or disrupt a protest.”

‘Catherine Cumming looks like she has potential as fuck knows why she decided to delay the vote, when it could’ve been killed off right now and this shitshow can end.’

The vote is expected to start again in two weeks on the ‘more numerically appropriate date’ of 29/11.

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Agent 47

Peachy might want to bookmark this one as i think this will definitely come true again.

Add it to the list.


lol yeah this is definitely happening.


Fuck this bloke is a lying false flag piece of shit – Daniel Andrews not shocked by counter-terror operation, talk of killing him (

Reus's Large MEMBER

Given the chance I am sure that he would have to get in line to shoot Dictator Dan

the public focus is too big for some MP’s to falter or flip.

I doubt the bill will pass, however I do not exclude other machinations to make a watered down but still lethal where it matters for Victoria’s own Ceausescu.

Another pndemic is coming our way, 20 ro so months of the same, now with more experience.

I have a feeleing that the rush to wax and push into clinical trial of epic proportions was due to uncertainty of the powers extensions.

in other news, a territory under occupation by the english crown with, wait for it, 118% waxing (read the article on how is that possible) is suffering from major absence of any difference between now and times when all its residents were unwaxed.

How much difference does full waxing make?
‘Most vaccinated’ place on earth cancels Christmas

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Mean time in Singapore, it does not matter the science, if you are unwilling to participate you get to pay for your treatment.

How long before the general populace starts to wake up and question how there are so many people dying while still vaccinated.

Interestingly I have noticed that the comments on the MSM videos about the marches / vaccine mandate / anti-vax stories have been both very anto MSM spreading lies as well as very anti-mandate


The only curve they flattened was their own reputations.

A fly in your ointment

next outburst will be caused to paste the blame on the 5% spreading it on 95%ers and the narrative would be that if we had 100%, waxed would be safe but the 5% of unwaxed are prolonging the misery for majority.
It is already in the spin.
Gibraltar data does not matter…close your eyes and life is rosier.

Agent 47

Wont matter at all because boosters have entered the chat.


Hmm I missed this should have included in links.


We have segregated out the unvaxxed in society because science or something purported to be science.
Yet, we will be welcoming tens of thousands with vaccinations little better than being unvaxxed according to science.
Yet no one is making any noise about the latter. 🤡🌎

Reus's Large MEMBER

It is always about the $$$$ not the science.