Albanese slams LNP record levels of debt, vows to triple it if elected

EZFKA PM Anthony Albanese has slammed Josh Frydenberg and the LNP’s record levels of debt and has vowed to ‘at least triple it if we win the federal election.’

The opposition leader spoke candidly about the ‘best economic managers’ and that Frydenberg was the worst treasurer he’d seen.

‘It’s clear that Josh hasn’t got the debt high enough and we know that the only way out is to bring in more bodies for debt consumption. As Craig Thompson showed yesterday, we’ll bring in anyone as long as they are willing to load themselves up on mortgages,” Albanese said.

“We’re also bringing back the NBN and fast rail as proven election winners from the last ten years, so we’ll give that national debt clock a red hot go. Hell, even Kevin ’07 might come back for another tilt.’

RBA Governor Phil Lowe says he remains committed to ‘lowering rates and opening the gates’ regardless of who is in Kirribilli House.

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Josh Frydenberg actually is our worst treasurer we’ve had. There are plenty of contenders for the worst such as Keating, Costello, Hockey etc. However Frydenberg may not hold the mantle of worst treasurer for long as worse is yet to come looking at the quality or lack thereof sitting in Parliament House.