Morrison set to announce unvaccinated Australians to be added to domestic terror list

EZFKA PM Scott Morrison is expected to announce in the next few days that Australians who have not been vaccinated with the COVID vaccine, will be added to ASIO’s domestic terror watch list.

The bipartisan move comes as MP’s call for help after protests and general discontent among the populace grows. The unvaccinated will join religious groups, renters and the working-class poor on the watch list.

‘I’ve been approached by several state premiers to consider adding unvaccinated Australians to the domestic terror watch list and we plan to do exactly that,’ Morrison said.

‘We’ve already moved ahead with amendments to the Biosecurity Act at the federal level for prescribed categories of individual and the camps are being built as we speak, so it’s really just a matter of formality.’

A draft bill is being proposed and is expected to be introduced in to federal parliament next week.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

Does this include the double vaxed that had their shots more than six months ago …..

Agent 47

Yeh this is hilarious to watch. One bloke at work is keen as to get the booster. I just smiled and waved and moved on.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yeah I have one of those at work, has been gagging to get his kids vaccinated, I just don’t get why though. Do people not understand basic maths or what.

So I have been keeping track of the UK cases / deaths etc on this

Notably the ratio of vaccinated dying to un-vaccinated dying per 100k (page 20) for 60 days after test, is steadily changing, where in the >80 category a month ago it was unvax 4 to vax 1 and is now closer to unvax 2.2 to vax 1, the same change is also playing out in the lower categories too, where by Xmas I expect that there will be more vaccinated dying per 100k than unvaccinated. I am betting that they will drop this table from the data by then seen as they have already moved it from higher up in the release.

Interesting anecdote, in my circle of friends here and overseas I know of about 10 people that have had whuflu and all are fine now, with the worst being down with “flu” like symptoms for a week, however I know two people here in Australia that have vaccine injuries that will plague them for the rest of their lives.

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Yes it’s a very interesting trend you’ve identified indeed. It shows how quickly the stats keep moving on covid.

It also shows, that yes at at the aggregate /100k stat level, the vaccine is still ultimately the right thing to do, but the outright deaths presenting with x2 vaccine shots is getting ugly.

In other words, is society in the UK prepared to accept 100 people dying every day, 30k+ p.a. who are vaccinated, into infinity?

In 2018 approx 150k died in the UK, so as a society would they be happy with now 180k+?

Last edited 2 years ago by The90kwbeast
Reus's Large MEMBER

It also shows, that yes at at the aggregate /100k stat level, the vaccine is still ultimately the right thing to do”

Yes and no, yes if there is no long term effect from the vaccines where like they destroy the immune system, no if they do weaken / destroy your immune system which is what the infections data is showing where double vax are more likely to catch whuflu and while hospital presentations are still higher for un-vaxed they ratio there is also declining. So the trend that I am seeing has been larger numbers of vaxed getting whuflu translating into steadily increasing hospital and deaths.

Yes the current ratios at a glance make the vaccines look effective but the trend is not, as I say given the timeline of the data I expect that around Xmas we will have more vaxed than un-vaxed dying in the 28 days category seen as Xmas is only 40 days away and then in turn around end of Jan more in the 60 days category.


One possible explanation with the vaxxed deaths also is declining vaccine efficacy I suppose, which would unfortunately also suggest the vaccines are not actually all that great for their intended purpose.

Recall also, that the vaccines aren’t 100% perfect. What is missing from this data is how many would be dead if the people that were vaccinated, which is now the majority by a good margin, were in fact unvaccinated. It would be vastly higher.


Recall also, that the vaccines aren’t 100% perfect. 

ah, 90kwbeast, you are the master of subtle understatement 😉

how many would be dead if the people that were vaccinated, which is now the majority by a good margin, were in fact unvaccinated. It would be vastly higher.

in a draft EZFKA government report, that number was conservatively estimated at 75 million.

so the shots have saved at least 75 million lives in Australia.

What is missing from this data

… that’s the great thing about not having a meaningful control group.

Joe Bull

Not bad considering the population of Australia is sround 25 million


75 MILLION people saved in Australia? 😂

Joanne Wait

75 million?
In Frb 21, Pre vax being issued we had only lost 989 lives. That’s a big jump to assume that we would have lost 75 mil without the vaxx

Gil oz

No it wouldnt..think how many kids died or got sick from virus. O.99999%
But many in Australia alone are getting injured and dying from the jab…Many.
They are coming after our kids

Black market NEWS truth news

The supposed virus had a 99.9% survival rate before any drugs were developed for it. How would the death rate be far worse if no one got the jab? .. it would still have a 99.9% survival rate. If anything the death rate has climbed since people agreed to be lab rats and let the government inject them. We all know what’s going on and it will come to a head very soon.


What rubbish you talk? Id believe you if you can provide clear factual proof of covids existance! You cannot have a viral infection of any kind, without firstly isolating it, to know what one has! Fact! And had there been any isolation of thos hoax virus? No! Nowhere on this planet, has any virologist, hospital, or any other specialist, been able to isolate covid19. Nobody! No isolation means simply NO FKN VIRUS! So tell me again, how many ppl would dead if they didnt get vaxxed! You are full of shit, like all the others that state things that cant be proven. Be it right or wrong, cant be proven all the same. You just spinshit, claiming it to be truth, without any evidence of your words. Shame in all of you out there thats doing this. Ppl, wake up and think about what im saying. I CAN proove that there is merit in what im saying, unlike the dribble you all choose to listen to. If you ppl wish to follow these clowns, then it will be certainly a much earlier death for you all.. FACTS


Hello there, I assume you’re Australian ?
I’m in England and I can tell you now, that it is the vaccinated who are filling up our hospitals; in some cases, over 80% of hospitals admissions are the vaccinated, suffering either from covid or from the massive amount of side effects from these Jabs.
I know of three people who have died from these vaccines, and a further right who have suffered life changing side effects, including a friend who was as fit as a fiddle, but has now, because of these so called vaccines, got to have a heart transplant.
I don’t know of anyone who has ever, actually died from covid, because these so called vaccines came about 😏😔.


That’s absolute rubbish. Vaccines are useless. They are based on the germ theory which is a scam. Toxins and malnourishment cause all disease. Covid is caused by toxins. I’d bet its caused by the toxicity of 5g.


I think scomo, all premiers they are domestic terrorists, for a flu virus ,coerce, force people get this gene change therapy injection with mictochips in it, so called vaccine, how cime scomo did not have the teal shots but with orrange cap on the needle, and Palachjok etc premiers just had saline water injection, and how come MPs politucians and court judgers exempted from this injection? Both Federal and state govts run by criminals, freemasons, Scomo and Dan had freemason handshakes as in this together !!

Ed living man

Only if you believe biased health stats. Who is collating the date would it be the Fox in charge of the Hen house


I’ll need to have me a look-see at the week 44 document. Week 42 was interesting, so I’ll hav something to relate back to….

Reus's Large MEMBER

If I get some spare time I am going to work back an graph the data to see the change in trend

Last edited 2 years ago by Reus's Large MEMBER

thx that’d be great


Yes, please.

maybe while you’re doing it, just copy-pasta all the tables into a spreadsheet, so you can do a variety of charts. Then you can update them every week.

and publish them.

and call it something like the “Weekly COVID Flipbook” 🤨😂

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy
Trebor Strut

Same story at my work. One guy literally chomping at the bit to apply the gene therapy to his eldest son, absolute madness. I’m pretty much the only employee to decline the therapy and a bunch of them are now starting to go to the doctors with various ‘mystery’ ailments. In engineering, whenever you make a change to a system and you start seeing strange effects, the recent changes to the system are the #1 suspect. Meanwhile in clown world, everyone is starting to mysteriously fill up the hospitals due to chest pains and can’t put two and two together. Gee, I wonder what has changed recently…


One guy literally chomping at the bit to apply the gene therapy to his eldest son, absolute madness.

fear is a very powerful driver. And people have been made to be quite afraid.

it’s a triumph of propaganda of the sort that some of the most infamous authoritarian regimes would be quite proud of.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy
Trebor Strut

In the case of this guy it doesn’t seem fear motivated (I have certainly seen that though with others). He seems driven by a devout religious belief in the power of modern medicine, with a total lack of knowledge of the spectacular failures in the past (Swine flu, Dengue fever vaccines, Thalidomide etc). Hopefully his kid ends up getting blanks.

Marty Still

I know of only one person who had covid and has recovered.
I know one person who died as a rest of a blood clots to the brain after AZ shot.
I also know of 5 people who have had serious reactions, 2vof them requiring hospitalisation.
Just yesterday, I was advised of the suicide of a 25yo with a young family. He has list his job due to this nonsense and saw no no future. Of course, these tragic events go unreported as side effects from the measures bring taken by government.





Agent 47

Satire for now.

And LOL renters. Is one IP enough to keep you out of the camps?


Satire for now.

And LOL renters. Is one IP enough to keep you out of the camps?

yes, one is enough.

for now.

klarse holl

Said it before, god hates the same people the PM does. He is so pleased.

John Campbell

Satire?? NOT bloody funny…..j

DIane H

I doubt he would want to make himself any more unpopular with an election looming.
Careful people, there are elements who would capitalise on an already divided nation.
I believe this is fake news.

Kerswell gerane

I’m 72 lady living with stage 4 bone cancer can’t even clean my own house and Mr Morrison wants to include me in a terror watch list. Mr Morrison you’d do better to spend your money the people’s money on caring for us elderly sick better


The politicians (mostly) are the true Domestic Terrorists, and it is they who need to be locked away in camps (Vaxxed and Non-vaxxed). They (most of them) are busy selling this once great country down the drain and need to be brought to account!


Bloody crazy, not happy at all.


How do we know this is legit & not fake news? This wouldn’t surprise me at all given whats going on in Australia across all states & globally but I’m sure people including myself want to verify the validity of such claims. Obviously it is not on mainstream media…or internet search as yet.


No such thing as a virus let alone the computer generated covid-19 crapfest,welcome to clown world slaves.Lookup Dr David Martin for a dose of the TRUTH.


Morrison is runnig scared because he knows that we wont give in i will not vote for a person that cant run our country hes gone