“We’ll never win another election ever again” ALP furious at new voter ID legislation

The Australian Labor Party are reportedly furious at new voter identification legislation being proposed by the LNP, stating that it will ‘guarantee we will never win another election again.’

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese stated his party will be disproportionately impacted by the proposals, particularly in migrant areas at the state level.

“This will basically be the coup de gras for the ALP, not that we’ve represented the working class in 40 years anyway,” Albanese said.

“Not only will branch stacking be adversely impacted, but our ability to get voters from multicultural communities to multiple venues to vote multiple times under different identities, will also be gone.

Albanese is headed to the US for crisis talks with US President Joe Biden on the issue.

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I’ve always wondered about this. We know lots of rigging happens within the major parties.

But that is because so few are actually members of the major parties. What about actual elections.

The incentive is clearly there, as is dodgy politicians in spades. Does anyone else know?

Agent 47

Both sides branch stack but I would argue that the ALP clearly has more incentive to cheat, they abandoned their traditional base ages ago leaving them nothing.

Would be pretty easy to Do as well.