Catherine Andrews deletes tweets after Tim Smith crashes car

Wife of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, Catherine, has deleted a series of tweets after LNP deputy leader Tim Smith crashed his vehicle on Saturday night.

The tweets, reportedly called Smith ‘an irresponsible dickhead that should lose his licence’ and wanted a ‘full investigation by Victoria Police and IBAC into the incident.’ The tweets were soon deleted and her account locked to private.

Smith, who tended his resignation from cabinet and had a blood alcohol reading of .131, stated he was grateful for actually being breathalysed at the scene and that no pedestrians were injured or killed.

“I’m just glad that that no teenage children or cyclists were hurt and I’m co-operating fully with Victoria Police investigators,” Smith said.

The Premier’s office has not responded to requests for comment.

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Agent 47

LOL yep thought exactly this.

Bitch ran over a 15 year old kid and the investigation was a wash because wife of Dan.


If it was a commoner, the book would have been thrown at them for running over a kid.


More than that the cops didn’t even bother to breath test her

stinks to high heaven


Either there were orders from up high or some copper didn’t do his job properly. Let me guess: no one lost their job.


I swear that’s a dude..