Andrews cancels 2022 state election after new permanent pandemic legislation passes

Premier Daniel Andrews has cancelled the 2022 Victorian State Election citing the COVID19 pandemic, the day after the new permanent pandemic legislation passed parliament.

Andrews invoked the new clause in the legislation, allowing for the indefinite suspension of elections due to ‘public safety.’

“I’d like to stress we are in the deadliest pandemic in history and it’s a tough call, but it’s only a short, sharp suspension of democracy,” Andrews said.

“This should send the point home to the normies that think they were going to ‘vote me out’ and give me another 13 months to destroy the state, thinking that it was going to make a difference anyway.”

Andrews said the suspension may be extended and an amendment for 5-year extensions of pandemic legislation will be introduced.

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Agent 47

Prophetic because this is exactly what he will do.

We will have a couple of months yard time over summer and then lockdowns again in autumn.

Don’t be surprised if Scomo pulls the same stunt with the federal election. Trudeau did exactly that.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think the vaccinated dying in record numbers in Europe this winter is going to upset the cart as ADE takes effect.

Agent 47

I agree but this is why they will go lockdowns again.

Marburg meme is already being pushed as well.

Reus's Large MEMBER

It seems that my prediction of a lot less people in the world in 5 years time is looking more likely after the last year, scary thing is that it seems that the western world is going to cop the most of the deaths.

Agent 47

I agree. Hence we know (((who))) is pushing it.


That is silly.


Marburg meme?

Agent 47

Marburg virus. Basically a result of leaky vaccine causing mutations. Viral shedding which has high mortality rate. And a look at the WHO website shows you overtly where it comes from.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Do you think there is any truth in the vaccines having a parasite in them?


I don’t think that technology thay would be necessary for this exists yet.

Agent 47

Fk knows but i wouldnt put it past them.


Do you mean Mareks’ disease in chickens or the Marburg virus? I know about the leaky vaccine for Mareks’ but did not realise that they had the same issue for Marburg.

Agent 47

Apologies got them mixed up.

Mareks caused by leaky vaccines. They are also starting to push Marburg though too. Reasons unknown but obvious to me.


My two cents….. Marburg being pushed to explain vaccine-related injuries and deaths and justify even greater lockdowns/restrictions.


Hi Stewie,

I posted a Q in the forum. If you can take a quick peek and respond if you have any answers. Cheers.


No prob.


The majority of deaths in the UK are unvaccinated people.. what record numbers

Reus's Large MEMBER

It is not winter yet and the 6 months post vaccine is starting to show up in the cases per 100k in the UK, which if should show up in the 30 days to 60 days stats in 30-60 days time.

Chinese Astroturfer

Don’t you mean vaccinated?


No. The data is a few months old now but the overwhelming majority of people drying are unvaccinated.

Edit: does look as though in older age groups the pendulum is starting to swing the other way as a % of total deaths and hospitalisations though from that week 42 report. Something to keep an eye on.

Last edited 2 years ago by The90kwbeast
Chinese Astroturfer

Deaths are still insignificant for anyone under 50. You have to weigh up the benefits of the leaky vaccines and leaky boosters with the chances of dying from COVID I suppose. Not to mention the vaccines have only been around for 10 months, stage 3 trials were conducted over a matter of months compared to the new TB vaccine that’s had a three year stage 3 trial, no data past the immediate short term regarding side effects, what’s the toll of all taking all these first generation vaccines every 6 months (especially injecting them in 5 year olds). In addition everyone is a different risk profile an unvaccinated person that doesn’t go to pubs or restaurants is of little risk to anyone compared to a vaccinated person that frequents these places.

For people 70 and over which is who the lockdowns and vaccine mandates are there to protect, the vaccines aren’t making the massive difference to deaths they were supposed to. I suspect dosing 80 year olds with prophylactics would give a similar result to what the vaccines are doing.

For 80 and over the chart shows a death toll of 45.7 per 100k for the vaccinated, for unvaccinated it’s 117 per 100k. They talk about reducing the chances of death by 99% compared to the unvaccinated, but doesn’t seem that way.

Can’t let the facts get in the way of big Pharma

Reus's Large MEMBER

That is the interesting part, it will be interesting to see if the infections translate into deaths as time goes on. I suspect that things are going to get a bit ugly in the coming months

Agent 47

Watch this northern hemisphere winter unfold, because we will following either way.

If ADE/AIDS starts happening then chaos.


Wrong, 70% of deaths in the UK are fully vaccinated.


Yes the stats are shifting, the data I referenced was from Jan to July which was still representative of the delta strain, I edited my post above to reflect that.

So it appears now that more and more are succumbing to the virus even double vaccinated, especially in the older groups.

Interested to know why this is, waning immunity, what happens when you go forward with no restrictions..?

I also think it’s a sleight of hand burying that detail in the data tables, and saying well per 100k it’s still better with the vaccine. The absolute numbers are saying most are dying that are vaccinated. It’s a concern for what this means going forward for society, and in particular for Australia that is so risk adverse with everything, how many deaths will be tolerated before restrictions are re imposed?

We’re averaging about 7-10 a day still in NSW and no one cares anymore so what number will make the media start paying attention again? 20,30, more?

Chinese Astroturfer

Early in the year only a tiny fraction of the population had received one injection let alone two, so of course the unvaccinated would have made up a higher percentage of deaths compared to now when 80-90% of them are double and triple injected.

Chinese Astroturfer

New record deaths in the UK since ‘Freedom Day’. Just going to keep ramping up each week now until they wimp out.

Everytime they bring back the restrictions they’ll just blame new variants or people not getting their boosters. They’ll never admit they got it wrong.