“I’m accountable and transparent” says man who won’t release public health advice

Daniel Andrews has lashed out at accusations that his new permanent pandemic laws were made in secret, despite still not releasing the public health advice the last 18 months has been based on, even after a court order.

Andrews, who didn’t consult with most of the crossbenchers and many in his own party before introducing the legislation, denied he was being a treasonous hypocrite.

“No, look I don’t agree with the premise of the treason,” Andrews told a press conference this morning.

“I’d like to make the point again, I am accountable and transparent, just not to Victorians and I have had these discussions with Xi and I know the stakes.”

Andrews said he is looking at all options to pass the legislation, including setting fire to Spring Street later this evening.

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So 3 of the 4 politicians kicked out of parliament are working from a makeshift office elsewhere. The only thing they can’t do is vote, which is kind of important with the high stakes.

An important vote is coming up to give Andrews extra powers and 4 pollies could be locked out. Madness!

A fly in your ointment


The F word comes to mind.