New Victorian ‘permanent pandemic legislation’ features yellow stars for ‘classes of unvaccinated individuals’

Victoria’s new permanent pandemic will require unvaccinated individuals to wear yellow stars, under changes introduced into parliament.

The legislation, which allows for discrimination of classes of individuals, will force unvaccinated individuals to wear yellow stars and bar them from public life.

“This is all about keeping the public safe,” Greens MLC Samantha Ratnam said.

“Once again, we are proving the Greens are the champions of Human Rights in Victoria, except for those refusing an experimental procedure.”

Those caught without a star will be fined or detained in the Mickleham Quarantine Camp indefinitely.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

I fear that this will actually come to pass given Dictator Dan’s track record

Dan Andrews Social Media Team Member #33

How dare you compare the treatment of the unvaxxed with the suffering of the jews in Nazi concentration camps?
My grandfather died in one of those camps…
He fell out of his guard tower.

Agent 47

Was he on the football team or the drama club? Or did he clean the swimming pool?


Bath/Shower attendant…

'n Vlieg in jou salf

What is scarry is that as much the difference to camps is significant in depth and breadth, similarities of the initial stages is indistinguishable.