Andrews celebrates after Melbourne named Rockefeller Institute “Resilient City of the Year”

Premier Daniel Andrews has applauded the EZFKA city of Melbourne, after the Rockefeller Institute awarded Melbourne the “Resilient City of the Year.”

After signing up to the Institute’s Resilient City Program in 2015, Melbourne beat out many other contenders with a huge display of police brutality and crushing of dissent in the past month.

“I’d like to thank Victoria Police and all those imported mercenaries in the PORT and SOG units from overseas who have been working diligently to divide the public and provide the excuse for harsher measures,” Andrews said.

“Jane Halton has worked tirelessly through this whole thing and I’d like to commend her and Brett Sutton for demoralising the population.”

Andrews said he will be working on the next step with the CCP on how to destabilise future dissent and roll out Australia’s social credit system.

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Agent 47



Victoria is a basket case. It doesn’t produce anything other than unliveable dog boxes that are the same drab colour as the sky on most days. Successive governments have sold anything they could and anything essential is a PPP owned by some super fund mates.
But hey, good coffee or something like that.


There’s is something deeply wrong there. In a few years I would not be surprised if they have some massive Muslim grooming scandal or Labor pedo scandal, and it turns out everyone in the state has blackmail material on them.

Something is very rotten in Victoria.


I met Jane Halton a few times about 20 years ago. The pictures don’t lie… she looks awful…like a humanoid rat. Physiognomy is real and matches the personality.


Who is Jane Halton, mate?