Doherty Institute named “Cash-For-Comment Institute of the Year”

The Doherty Institute have held taken out the coveted EZFKA Cash-For-Comment Institute of the Year award for 2021.

Doherty held off strong challenges from think tanks Grattan Institute and Burnet Institute, to be named the nation’s greatest intellectual prostitutes.

Professor Peter Doherty was gracious in accepting the award “in the true grifting spirit of EZFKA.”

“As you all know I love to present myself as some kind of authority on anything, when everyone really knows I’m just a self-important wanker who will agree with anything if you pay me and call it ‘science’,” Doherty said.

“My modelling has consistently been a total unscientific shit show but I’d like to thank the media for not asking too many questions, particularly my relationship with the Murdoch media and their endless pushing of vaccines.”

Doherty took to Twitter to self-congratulate his “18 months of hard grifting.”

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Think Tanks and Consultancies are not going to bite the hands that feed them. Don’t you use them to give you the answer you want?


Think-Tanks and Consultancies represent a marketplace where Governments can shop for the advice they want.