Poll shows Australian mainstream media journalists should go to the gallows first at Nuremburg 2.0

An EZFKA poll has found that Australian mainstream media journalists should be hung first, at the upcoming Nuremburg 2.0 trials.

The poll, from the Presstitutes Get The Rope Institute, showed 110% of Australians think mainstream journalists from across the spectrum should face capitalist punishment for their conduct since March 2020.

“Their data shows their conduct has been the absolute fucking worst this past 18 months. From constant fear porn to cheer leading restrictions, causing division while playing the victim and not holding anyone accountable,” Dr Roger McFarlane said.

“Capital punishment is overwhelmingly the only solution according to the data.”

Journalists have taken to Twitter in feigned indignation, with a fury of angry self-righteous tweets polluting the timeline.

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funny. I was watching some of the journalists reporting on the Melbourne riots. they were incredulous that some reporters were being attacked (ie that guy from Channel 7) — as if anyone could hate the media?! How could this possibility be even entertained?!


The media are wierd. I don’t get how all of them are not jumping to online with their own platforms.

If you had that skillset, and you’ve seen what YouTube can do, why not join. As a bonus you get to tell the truth and fight for the people.

I mean, why not try?


what skill set? most of them become glorified stenographers that copy down whatever was offered by <govt official press conference> <company PR agent> <celebrity agent>

if you’re talking about investigative journalists … there just aren’t that many of them relative to the entire profession, I get the impression.

and what about proof reading. I think I read two or three typos in the Australian mainstream press websites every day.

Max Payne

Exactly, most of these so called journalists would be lost if they didn’t have access to Twitter and Facebook where they can copy and paste some tweets or posts from random normies on whatever was the topic of the day.


I mean, why not try?

because a 6 figure income and being part of the elite circle is much better than being on the outer and getting bugger all.
It takes serious skills in multiple areas to do it on your own. All you have to do is be able to read a script or cobble together some bullshit text from a press release to make it in MSM.


Mainstream media is dying a slow and painful death. All the mainstream media has left is sensationalism and click bait. Don’t get me started about news stories on a Twitter trend.


“Twitter has reacted positively today after it was announced that…”.

So the direction of society is set by the tiny percentage of crackpots, degenerates and strange rangers who are regular users of that vile app. We may be fucked.


it’s being set by the people who moderate, ban and curate the content on the app, the high proportion of crackpots and degenerates are just a by-product.
See MB and the commentors there now vs 5 years ago.
All the apps really, twitter just seems the most ban happy from what I can gather so is also the most obviously crackpot infested.

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