Struggling small businesses applaud Daniel Andrews for banning 30% of their customer base

Victoria’s small and medium business community has applauded Dan Andrews’ decision to ban the unvaccinated from all events, restaurants and bars through the use of vaccine passports from October.

Up to 30% of the Victorian community, an estimated 2.5 million people, will be banned from attending businesses, venues and industries hit hard by lockdowns.

“I applaud a man that’s never run a business and worked exclusively in government his entire career to make a tough call like this,” John Stapleton of Small Business Victoria said.

“It’s great to see that he’s doing as much as he can to get us back on our feet again, whilst destroying us for the last 18 months with unscientific lockdowns.”

Andrews says he’s confident he can get the bankruptcy rate “up to 90%” in the coming weeks.

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Bruce Paterson

I am one of the people who have made my personal decision NOT to have one of the so called vaccines,I am not anti-vaccine but I do not trust everything I hear from the government or the health care spinners or the media. These so called vaccines do not stop you from getting the virus and it does’nt stop you passing it on, so how would I be harming anybody if I choose not to get on the never ending cycle of jabs, I never got the flu jab and it did me no harm. Its my risk to take and if I get this flue and die then its on me. These are not your vaccines that we know, its all new technology which has not been proven over time, as to what the long term impact it will have but I have read medical evidence from medical professionals who are not afraid to speak out and I dont like what I read. Everybody wants their freedom from these lockdowns and so do I, I have been severly financially crippled by the lockdowns and never asked nor recieved a cent from the government and I have ben mentally damaged, but I will not be blackmailed into getting the jab. I will not be a sheep … do you trust Daniel Andrews and the police when they tell you driving 3ks over the speed limit is dangerous and need to fine you hundreds of dollars, I would not trust Daniel Andrews to look after my dog, he is an idiot but the sheeple will vote him in again. Dan will be okay on his fat government pension .. the rest of us are screwed and we allowed it to happen. I weep for the poor people who will lose their business, lose their house, lose their marrage and kids.. lose everything they worked for, their hopes and dreams ruined because a virus created in a laboratory was let out and who is to say tehy did not create all these other strains coming out way and let those out deliberately and our politicians coulnt get an effective quarantine system in place and brought the Delta strain into te country by not keeping the international bordrs shut for a time, so now we have state boders instead and the threat of a vaccine passport .. am I living in the real world or a Tom Cruise movie .. how is this alright on any level. We are losing our rights under the threat of you might die if you catch a bad flue.


Good onya Bruce. It takes a fair bit of mental clarity to see through the fearmongering and make a conscious choice about getting the jab or not. Rather than doing it just because some talking head told you to.

there are certainly people who would most likely benefit from the jab. And also those who will not. There is a very deals sense of the government trying to hoodwink everyone into getting injected for the benefit of the few (and it’s basically the same “few” as always).

Everybody wants their freedom from these lockdowns and so do I, I have been severly financially crippled by the lockdowns and never asked nor recieved a cent from the government and I have ben mentally damaged, but I will not be blackmailed into getting the jab

I sense that the blackmailing and coercion aspect of the EZFKA governments actions have the potential to harden resistance of some people against the measures and potentially create a banner to which otherwise disparate objectors will rally.

would be interesting if this will eventually bite them in the but.


Resistance hardening in the field of coercion?

I am not subject to coercion.

Agent 47

Same here. This is my hill.


The vaccines work but shouldn’t be compulsory. I would be reluctant to take the ones on offer if I was young.

I would like to see a different kind of encouragement than the social exclusion bs. If being unvaccinated makes you much more likely to end up in hospital (that is the politics) then either you should not receive priority treatment once hospitals are nearing capacity, or you pay extra in medicare levies to fund the additional hospital staff. That policy should also be heavily skewed towards the elderly given they are the ones taking most of the hospital beds.

Bruce Paterson

This is a really stupid idea, all people are equal and should be treated as such, the fact that I am 68 and my wife is 70 and I am still working as I do not have a pension fund and therefiore must keep working till I can’t, the medical system should not prioritise nor push us back due to age or anything else. Peole who get the so called vacine seem to feel thet they should be given special treatment and those that do not should be punished or restricted in some way or forced to get what they are calling vaccines .. once you take away free chocie its a slippery slope.. what next the chip inseted into your neck … Terminator the movie into our reality here we come.


A 70yo is about 200 times more likely to end up in hospital than a 20yo. You absolutely should be treated differently in this instance.


then either you should not receive priority treatment once hospitals are nearing capacity, or you pay extra in medicare levies 


A 70yo is about 200 times more likely to end up in hospital than a 20yo. You absolutely should be treated differently in this instance.


i don’t know, Freddy. I find myself morally opposed to that approach.

if Bruce is willing to run the risk, he’s willing to run the risk. It’s his own life that he’d be risking. Whereas Medicare is just “dollars”…. which, as we all know, can be conjured into existence whenever politically desirable for the assholes in charge.

The idea that he might contribute to the crowding of hospitals also rings pretty bloody hollow after 8 million people have been brought in over the last little while. It aint him that’s crowding the hospitals….

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Bearing in mind that every country forced into triage has very much discriminated against the elderly. Bruce should be clarifying whether his expectation is for:

  1. Much more frequent lockdowns because vaccine cynical elderly people keep filling the hospitals
  2. Let it rip and let hospitals overflow on a first in first serve basis
  3. Let it rip and let hospitals overflow with triage giving priority to younger people as has happened in other countries
  4. Forced vaccinations

In regards to option 4, the question is how to manage it. Should a 20yo that has much less need of the vaccine, and much more likely to suffer any potential long term effects of a vaccine, have a gun put to their head just because Bruce is feeling discriminated?

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy
Reus's Large MEMBER

The same can be said for the fatties then, they should have made better food choices, so if I eat and drink in moderation then I should receive treatment before them.
Being that the number 1 cause of death in Australia is heart disease from diabetes and obesity they are predominantly consuming the most healthcare resources and so should be penalised accordingly.


That’s one of the obvious issues with trying to create a two-tier society rather than starting from a position of equal human worth – it’s a very slippery slope.

(stratification by wealth must be allowed, of course)

Reus's Large MEMBER

This is exactly what most of the “religion of the vax” are missing in this whole thing, they are prepared to sacrifice what others want i.e. free choice, so that they can have what they want, beer at the pub, Bintang in Bali etc. but don’t see the hypocrisy in that.

When in fact the choice is not others vs them, it is freedom vs servitude. I mean AI to track people not wearing masks is only a mask away from tracking people for no reason other than social credit score.

Where does it stop, do we get to the point where your life insurance premiums or health insurance go up because you had a kebab and a ciggie on a big night out. How much do we want the government to control our lives to the Nth degree.


The pressure I am getting from my extended family is unrelenting – and the basis of their argument? Going out to restaurants, attending parties, going travelling overseas, etc.

Zero concerns about safety of the vaccines, zero concern that they are leaky vaccines, ironic since they are all careful to avoid abusing antibiotics.

The major naggers are the female relatives (including the wife). Brother and brothers in laws have all been silent on the matter but bowed to their respective partners to get the jab….

Agent 47

Same here but my wife is refusing and so am I. As i said above this is my hill.

I enjoyed the skirmishes I had at work with the groupthink idiots who complied so they can go on their holidays. Same crowd that would turn on the press conferences and consume fear porn everyday.

I’m prepared legally for the clash at work and if I lose I lose but whatever. Life is struggle.


My wife has accepted it, in that she knows I’ve now made up my mind and there is no way she can change it without new facts, so to a degree she has accepted that it’s just that she’s moved to the passive aggressive phase of whenever discussing travel plans to see relatives interstate, etc she’s sure to add “Oh, except you won’t be able to come.” Doesn’t really bother me other than noting that it is just another additive social pressure being applied.

The real fight that I am worried about and the one that I am prepared to go apeshit over is any move to demand my daughter be vaccinated. Already the school has sent out a tentative inquiry to parents about the possibility… I imagine they are still working through the essay I sent back to them in reply.

Bruce Paterson

Well worth a read and very informative, check it out as opposed to being injected with a virus and your immune system goes into action, the NRMA goes into your cells and instructs them what to do, in effect your cells get modified, all very scientific .. Im not going to be part of some global science experiment.

Bruce Paterson

Check this out Its real its in America TODAY .. Calls for Dr Fauci to resign..Fauci is neck deep in this virus stuff and probably responsible for its creation, he paid for them (china) to combine x 2 bat viruses to see if it could be passed on to humans and … it could and now we have it along with worse variants to come … not a conspiracy theory but factual, NOW WE ARE TALKING ABOUT INTRODUCING AI FACIAL RECOGNICIAN AND VACCINE PASSPORTS >>> SOUNDS LIKE A CONSPIRACY TO ME. Somebody is responsible for ruining our lives and lockdowns,

Reus's Large MEMBER

This is also interesting as to why there is so much resistance to ivermectin, it is always about the money, health is secondary