Sydney man makes shit 5G joke about vaccines after being diagnosed with myocarditis

A Glebe man has made an epic 5G joke online this week, after receiving his second jab of Pfizer.

David Jenkins, 56, uploaded his vaccine selfie at the Qudos Bank Arena clinic on Facebook last week and had this to say to those holding out against the jab.

“Heh, at least I can get good reception and fast internet now. Put your tinfoil hats on tighter,” David said in his caption.

However, David’s mood has changed in recent days after being rushed to hospital with myocarditis.

“Well, I never really wanted to take the jab and I’ve now only got about 5 years to live with a 66% mortality rate and shit quality of life. But hey, at least being snarky about 5G and putting something on social media was worth ending my life prematurely for.”

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The satire of this level is not quite palatable for most ezfka units. Not because it does not stimulate their taste buds but because they cannot compute the sensation.

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Agent 47


It’s genius but the joke is lost on some due to excess intake of copium.