Police Commissioner Mick Fuller says he’ll crack down on non-compliant Sydney residents by giving himself another pay rise

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller has vowed to crack down on those not following COVID directions by increasing his salary.

Fuller made no apologies for his tough stance at the morning COVID press conference, after revelations he was earning more than $665,000 in the top job.

“I make no apologies that those not complying will be forfeiting part of their income to me, that’s the standard here in EZFKA,” Fuller said.

“I’m due for another pay rise this week, so that will really send the message to those doing the wrong thing that the fines will be increased proportionally to cover it.”

“We’re all in this together, but you’re all in this forever.”

Fines are expected to increase to $10,000 for not wearing a mask or 12 months jail.

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is #fullershit a cultist?? anyone know?


Which cult? Same one as Scottie?


thats the rumour


Definitely a churchie of some variety, Sydney friends went to the same church as him in the 90’s, think it was baptist but not 100%, could easily have joined the scummo crew by now


righto …a god botherer but not horizon as far as I can tell