“Stop being selfish and follow the rules” says Melbourne man on Facebook demanding the closure of small business to “keep him safe”

A man in the EZFKA city of Melbourne has expressed his fury at punters who were supporting struggling local businesses in Richmond last week, that led to the extension of lockdown.

Chris Johnston, 45, from Balwyn raged on Facebook while working from home at his middle management ASX200 company job, that this was “disgusting” and demanded retribution instantly.

“Lock them all bloody up. They should be ashamed of themselves. Dan is right – you’re endangering lives and it’s all your fault, not the government who made the decision,” Chris furiously posted.

“I don’t care how many people kill themselves, go bankrupt, lose their relationships and everything they’ve worked for, that’s not the point you selfish pricks. Bloody selfish arseholes putting people at risk with a disease with a 99.98% survival rate that affects mainly elderly and obese. Do as your bloody told!”

Chris then locked his comments and vowed to unfriend everyone with a differing opinion, after his mate David commented that Chris had made at least 14 dob-ins to Victoria Police last week.

“Typical upper middle-class hypocrite that’s never faced any kind of risk in his life and wants his comforts back. He just wants to go to his beach house in Lorne and you “selfish people’ have taken that away from him,” David said.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

Chris felt like he was the king of Facebook when he got 200k likes from baby boomers who all agree that anyone else that might threaten their existence may as well die, especially those in front of them in the queue for pffiiiizer ….

The baby boomers fretted in the comments section about how they had not had a overseas holiday for at least a year now and it was affecting their ability to be smug around their friends and relatives.

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Agent 47

“Millions of grey nomads cried out…”

Chinese Astroturfer

I’m alright Jack


Gratuitous link to previous riffing on this theme:


was Davo that time, but clearly equally applicable to Leitho.

Chinese Astroturfer

How do I submit an article on here? I don’t think I can do a better job than your normal contributors but would like to have a go nonetheless.


I think you’re commenting without being logged in? You need to log in to your account if you want to write an article.

once logged in you should see a “+” button at the top. If the button is not showing, there’s a workaround…

Chinese Astroturfer

That would be the reason why I don’t see it. I’ll sign up properly. Thank you

Chinese Astroturfer

Could you please tell me about the workaround I can’t seem to find the button.


Reload the page a few times to see if you get a menu bar at the top.

if not, head on over to ezfka.com/wp-admin