“Get vaccine advice from your doctor” says man that ordered AHPRA to silence all of Australia’s doctors on vaccines

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told the Australian public that they should seek health advice on vaccines from their doctor, despite growing rates of vaccine resistance.

However, a document made public this week showed that the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority has silenced all doctors in Australia from dissenting views and threatened to deregister anyone opposed to experimental vaccination.

AHPRA has denied any such threat exists, despite widespread condemnation.

“AHPRA has long been a great bastion of credibility when it comes to rubber stamping the qualifications of dodgy Indian doctors to work in our rural clinics, and I believe we will continue to do our best undermining the quality of Australian medical care,” an AHPRA spokesman said.

“Like the vaccine manufacturers, we will engage in the true EZFKA tradition of passing on risk by continuing to support the legal indemnity of all AHPRA members from vaccine side effects.”

Morrison said he would be consulting with Pfizer and Astra Zeneca first before responding to the document leak and urged Australians to roll their sleeve up and “be a guinea pig for the nation.”

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timbo you just can’t miss
gold again

it wasn’t just this week though, it’s been many months


Last edited 2 years ago by Coming

fuck McGowan – playing the ‘remote communities card’:

“If you imagine we get to 80 per cent vaccination, and Aboriginal communities, remote communities, some country towns are at much lower levels, we may have to lock those down at some point in time for whatever reason – I think that makes total sense and that was what was agreed,”


Dan Andrews Twitter Bot

Those “dodgy Indian doctors” are doing Vishnu and Ganesha’s wonky divine work in racist rural areas.
Don’t be a bigot.


In non Covid news:

  • Iron ore is down, but still $140 more than the $20 prediction
  • CBA is still above $100
  • Afterpay is $131.68
  • Bitcoin has been increasing in price for the last four weeks

I need to save money and do the opposite to what DLS preaches. Some serious money to be made. At least the Pascoemeter actually got a prediction right every now and again.


You forget the AUD not permanently crashing to $0.60 or less.

Housing still not crashed.

MPLOL not implemented.

I’m sure the list goes on.

Chinese Astroturfer

Dave will be right eventually about iron ore, meanwhile my steel stocks have tripled in the last 16 months.


Yep. The “when” matters.

“eventually” costs too much.


Wasn’t stagmal asking what we wanted him to post on EmBee? Maybe list DLS prediction success. 🍩


Nail, meet hammer!