The Great Reset: Globalists have decided that it’s time for the LNP to go

The political climate in the Economic Zone Formerly Known as Australia has become a media circus par excellence the past few weeks. It seems that the knives are out for Scott Morrison and the LNP, off of the back of a political #MeToo Mk II. The Domainfax and ABC/SBS contingent are going full tilt in a bid to depose the Morrison government, over sex assault/misconduct allegations of both staffers and politicians, of varying degrees of alleged severity.

Before I go any further, the usual caveats apply: the LNP is a globalist party that serves the usual purpose of high debt, high house prices, intergenerational wealth transfer, mass immigration and corporate oligarchy. They’re no better than the ALP who are really just LNP-lite and both of them are shithouse for the average EZFKA unit.

However, the only thing that is in dispute here is the pace of globalism and the capacity of the respective parties to deliver it. The LNP are globalists doing the speed limit, the ALP are doing twice the speed limit and the Greens are doing the speed limit of a McLaren F1 (electric carbon neutral version, of course). The destination is the same, the travel time is the difference.

My take is this: where has this come from all of a sudden? There’s no such thing as coincidence in politics and in my opinion, this is a globalist attempt at local regime change.

We’ve had the extra-marital activities of Alan Tudge and Christian Porter made public. Linda Reynolds said some mean words about Brittany Higgins and then had to take leave and apologise. Then we had Christian Porter get further treatment akin to SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh, with historical rape allegations from 1988 coming to light. And now it seems that some LNP staffers are under fire for beating their member on the desk, pun fully intended.

These could all be true, sure, and would need to be dealt with accordingly if so. However, suspicions are raised given the timing and political one-sidedness of the allegations. I would argue a cursory dig into the doings of the ALP or Greens and their respective staffers, would easily turn up similar or worse behaviour – it’s Canberra after all.

My thesis is that this all makes sense when you view what is happening in Australian politics, through the lens of the Great Reset. In short, it seems that the Davos crowd who are using the COVID crisis to usher in their corporate-communism technocratic utopia, are unhappy with the slow progress of the rollout of the Great Reset in EZFKA and that it’s time for Scomo and the LNP to get out of the way.

Furthermore, this actually all started with the attack on Craig Kelly and his dissent on the COVID vaccine and HCQ. Regardless of what you think of him and his views, the de-platforming of Kelly and other COVID dissenters is a big cause for concern for freedom of speech in this country (waving at all fallen comrades from the MB commentariat). However, with a one-seat majority and Kelly forced to leave the party, you can see why there is an incentive to launch this plan of attack before a potential election. Add in the electoral results in WA and you can see why the ALP are feeling confident.

On top of that, throw in unrelenting screaming from EZFKA businesses completely reliant on third world cheap labour and debt fodder, and it’s not that difficult to put two and two together.

From where I sit, it appears that the ALP and their respective dark money backers are going to go with an identity politics path to electoral victory, given that they can’t really challenge the LNP on the golden calf of houses prices and the general management of private debt being transferred to the public balance sheet. The LNP have now out spent even John Howard on public debt, so the ALP are neutered on their bread and butter economic policies, notwithstanding abandoning negative gearing reform.

So, prepare yourself for more patronising lectures from Tanya Plibersek, Penny Wong and Katy Gallagher from here on out. Plus, think of all the boats lined up with future ALP voters in Denpasar, just waiting for the green light five minutes after Karen Kenneally becomes Immigration Minister. (she’ll give them plane tickets, who am I kidding?)

In summary, a brief look at the objectives of the Great Reset and it clearly shows that the ALP and Greens are far better placed to put this into action and much faster than the LNP are. There’s no pesky coal/nuclear lobby to deal with on the climate change front and a surveillance state, eating bugs and synthetic meat are a Greens voters’ utopia.

In my opinion, if Scomo can get through this with the RBA on full print and without bending the knee on things like gender quotas, he’ll still win the election. Otherwise, fast-tracked globalism with wokeness on steroids awaits us on the other side of all of this.

Look at Biden-Harris and the accelerating clown show in the USA right now. That’s where we’re headed.

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the rape accusations from 1988 seem particularly suspect, even though i wouldn’t put rape past private school slime like christian porter.the biggest problem with them that nobody is tlaking about is the chick who made the allegations had BIPOLAR — imo almost immediately zero credibility right there, its like trusting the unsubstantiated claims of a chick with borderline personality disorder. people with these conditions are vindictive as all hell and lie like its going out of style – they twist reality as the years go by according to however they’re feeling.

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Porter can’t get out of this, and I doubt Morrison can stay as leader. That’s my take on the national vibe, but it won’t result in Labor winning the election.

Probably ever again. Australia’s just not going to do it.

LNP has a growing problem of seeming more elite than they ever have, but it’s not enough for Australia to vote Labor.

Hopefully we replace Labor with Independents and minor parties who keep LNP more honest.

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You’re messed in the head. If it isn’t LNP it’s ALP, no other outcome will happen. Pick one.


Sure, but remember not long ago, Labor had to form government with the support of Independents. Australia needs far more of that.

Weakening LNP and Labor is the only way out of the horrendous mess this county is in.


I don’t put it past Porter either, but I do have issues with the trial by media and the fact that they were both minors at the time. IMHO that is the difference between knocking some guys nuts out and sending him off to juvie for couple years. I’m not going to celebrate the fact his career was destroyed over this, but at the same time I’m not gunna express any great sympathy or loss over what he’s experienced either.


Great article.

Though, for all the reasons you outline (“identity politics …patronising lectures from Tanya Plibersek, Penny Wong and Katy Gallagher…boats lined up”) I just don’t see Australia voting Labor outside Sydney and Melbourne, no matter what LNP have done. If Labor introduce quota’s, even more so.

Outside cities, Australians are fucking furious with the modern Labor party. IMO, Labor have moved into an even less electable position than 2019.

Check this map out.

Agent 47

Agree with most of this. I think they’re confident over what they have pulled off in the US and thinking they can do the same in Australia.


Good article Timbo – I’ve been pondering this as well. I agree with your assessment of our Globalist parties, LNP 1st gear, LAB 2nd gear and Greens 3rd gear. I think you might be right and the powers that be have decided to kick things on a level – Whu Flu really threw a spanner in the works in terms of the Globalist agenda, particularly with people movement and the deconstruction of Western societies and their functional cohesion. With Biden put in place in the US now it is really starting to accelerate again, all those cretins from Central America pouring across the border, CRT running amok in the educational system and public service, and the woke take over of the US armed forces.

Australia has been relatively free of that bullshit, with us mainly having to just deal with typical LNP corruption and incompetence. I’m not so sure that the LAB won’t get elected if an election is held this year – these rape and sex scandals are designed to trigger at least 50% of the population into following their feelings over politicians vs that they actually think about the policies on offer. LAB simply have to do nothing while the media systematically destroy the Govt for them.

I actually had to laugh over the latest revelations that there were gay orgies in parliament. When the news broke that guys were jerking off on female mp and staffers desks, I said to a mate that I didn’t know why the media were trying to portray it as a straight male patriarchy thing – what straight guys film each other having a wank? Maybe the odd sexually confused NRL player, but jerking off on a chicks desk to get even with her? That’s a fucking bitchy thing to do, and said it sound pretty fucking gay. Why haven’t the media launched into a crusade against bitchy fags and their hatred of women (which a lot of them do have?) Nah – protected identity.

IMHO the only chance the LNP have of retaining power is to ditch that bitch titted soy boy Scomo and give Dutton a go. That LAB MP Trish Doyle retracted her slur against him pretty quick about him tolerating and covering up the rape – Dutton is a cop and probably has real life experience dealing with rape victims. Every cop I’ve come across despises rapists and will do everything they can to bring them down, in the prison system they’re just held slightly above pedos in terms of the general prison populations contempt for them.

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Completely plausible , good article

the whole thing seemed like manufactured outrage at the beginning

of course now, like Bitcoin and trans, it has been given an organic life of its own as the seed has been implanted and watered in the mind of the npc


I have been thinking along similar lines. My theory is that Soviets sowed the seeds of discontent via leftist academics in the 50s-80s. They called it ‘ideological subversion’. We had a brief respite, then the rise of China, which continued where the Soviets left off. These enemies don’t care what actually happens, only that their opponents are sufficiently weakened. Dividing men from women has to be the quickest, surest way to destroy a nation, or civilisation. The only hope is that those of us who can see it get together and work against it. That’s what this place is about for me. It’s all embryonic, but this is how things begin. I don’t know about the rest of you but I self-censor too often. A person I used to be friends with posted this on facebook: . I wrote back “with no links to raw data I regard this as propaganda…meanwhile her friends pile up the comments saying how moving and serious this is. This friendship probably won’t last much longer. How do we fight this?


Ugh – that is painful. The 87c on the dollar is complete BS – time preferencing differs between men and women and completely explains this gap. One of the best that analysed this gap was performed on train drivers for the London Underground. Here the skill set and abilities between men and women were theoretically exactly the same, yet an overall gap remained – why? The gap was fully explained by i) Overtime, men sought out more overtime opportunities; and ii) Sick leave, women took more unpaid time off. That’s it.

Another furphy that I’ve noticed lately is this fake notion that primitive hunter gatherer societies were mainly matriarchal. This is complete nonsense and originated from a very recent Anthropological ‘study’ performed in 2015.

For those unaware of the insidious effects of wokism and how it has both inflitrated and taken over the social sciences, re-imagining history within an oppressor/oppressed narrative in order to ensure history is ‘corrected’ to fit within this narrative, Anthropology has basically been ground zero for where this has taken place – rendering virtually all recent studies ideologically compliant and completely useless. E.g. the preferred ‘narrative’ now for why the Y-Chromosome for the Formosan people, who are indigenous to Taiwan but who once had colonised most of the Pacific Islands, was wiped out is because of ‘trade’. Nothing to do with the previous theory that outward expansion of Melanesians from PNG around 4,000 years ago resulted in all the men and boys being spit roasted, a practice that continued to the end of the 19th century.

Anyhow to justify the increased role of women in social decision making, Anthropologists have come up with the lie that hunter gatherer societies were mainly matriarchal, and that elevating women to the peak of decision making and a matriarchal based society is simply a return to the natural order. Anyone who has any knowledge of Native Americans or our Indigenous Australian’s customs and initiation ceremonies, or collective punishments that included gang raping female transgressors, knows that this is complete bullshit.

The basis for their claims was that nomadic groups had higher genetic consistency within the female linage of hunter gatherer groups than male genetic lineage (the reverse tends to occur within agricultural societies). These soy boy anthropologists thinking was that it was women who controlled the tribes – the reality is, based on Native American and Aboriginals, is that tribal elders often had multiple wives and the young men were regularly forced to leave the tribe in search of mates and more land.

Yet some doofus anthropologist by the name of Mark Dyble, swallowing the stone age societies (apart from white societies) were peaceful, kumbai-ya singing natives living in utopia, and instead believing that violence was impossible and that Y chromosomes disappeared from being out traded, consequently deduced that the consistent X chromosome linage was due to their societies being matriarchal and it was the men who were forced to leave or were traded away.

So if you hear the furphy that stone age hunter gatherer societies were matriarchal, be sure to speak up and let the gullible idiot spruiking that bullshit know that it is a complete lie made up by some woke Anthropological millennial, who preferred to follow his ideological beliefs rather than Occam’s razor and countless examples of innate human nature.

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You’re a legend Stewie. Bookmarked your comment for later use.