University of Melbourne to offer Bachelor of Home Invasion Studies in bid to attract African students

The University of Melbourne has announced that it will offer a world first ‘Bachelor of Home Invasions’ to attract African students.

Following the announcement from outgoing Universities Australia President Catriona Jackson, the move hopes to attract more sub-saharan scholars to really get GDP and crime statistics going up.

“If you thought plane loads of pajeets delivering food and sexually assaulting uber passengers couldn’t be scraping the bottom of the barrel for EZFKA, this goes one rung lower than that,” University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor Duncan Maskell said.

“We’ll also be offering a Masters in Machete Swinging, a Graduate Diploma in Car Jacking and for those legally minded, a Bachelor of How to Get Legal Aid to really assist with those aspirations of racking up Community Corrections Orders for violent crimes.”

“India’s average IQ may be 77 but this should bring EZFKA’s average down a whole lot more than that.”

Maskell also stated he believed it to be a boon for aged care workers, with plans to offer a Bachelor of Bashing Boomers in Aged Care Facilities also in the works.

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A fly in your ointment

Apparently only human idiocy is limitless.
Each time NoVax lands on the soil of the Geld-stan he reflects on that stupidity with fireworks. Geldistanis are too stupid to notice that (well those that took the 2 shots and liked it)


geld what

A fly in your ointment

क्या आप अंग्रेज़ी बोलते हैं?



If you feel bad for not having had children.


whos this retard


Her shit was on news corp. Some faggot hollywood actor went to Paddington Markets and she filmed it.

Boomer Boner

all the top men like 0cock are on tikKok


Apropos the headline…

Any bets on the ethnicity of those involved in this fracas…

Two brothers are knifed after argument with group of 15 people

the arborist

I saw a story in the DM about a woman who stole from a church. They made a point of describing her as ‘caucasian’. I look forward to reading articles on other crimes in the future where they describe the perp/s as ‘negroid’.

Agent 47

South Brisbane is sudo central with some cocounts thrown in.


orange too