Australian man settles in for annual month of anti-white ‘Change The Date’ propaganda being shoved down his throat

An Australian man has announced he’s all set for another month of white guilt and historical revisionism being shoved down his throat as Australia Day approaches.

Tom Davies, of Brisbane, said he was looking forward to the annual barrage of ‘kill whitey, fuck Australia’ from lefty faggots on both SBS and the ABC, and Jewish lawyers led by Mark Leibler using Aboriginals as a battering ram yet again to attack his anglo heritage.

“Looking forward to the usual ‘no pride in pretend genocide’ chants and self-loathing white people from Melbourne leading the charge as always. I just hope Sportsbet puts odds on what statues are being torn down and which streets that didn’t exist pre-colonisation are being given Aboriginal place names – make this fucking thing interesting for a change,” Tom said.

“I mean, if the Voice won it would be on steroids, but it’s not as if a referendum mattered when they’re pushing all the same fake and gay Abo shit at the council and state government level just like COVID.”

Tom said he intended to spend Australia Day itself in Brisbane enjoying the Aboriginal youth crime explosion and watching his home insurance premiums go up yet again.

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i don’t give no fux about ezfka day but f giving these people anything they want because it will never end if you do

Agent 47

Yup. Slippery slope defined.

A fly in your ointment

If someone snapped your neck whilst “serving and protecting”, is an eye for eye good enough or it requires more?

I’m surprised msm did a 60min piece on the police policing.

A fly in your ointment

Some time ago, there was a rage about parading semi naked prisoners.
Uh-oh, will this be another rage when it’s baddies doing it?

A fly in your ointment

How the real men are brought up.
Obviously lack of ice makes it tough on some countries and they produce LGHDTV+ tyoes


does anyone ever click on these skizo telegram links you always post i never do

A fly in your ointment

Some of them have juicy pictures of Brucey and the Phat Cyndyrella copulating


Yeah I cbf learning more apps. I feel a bit bad I should learn telegram seeing as it’s meant to be properly private and shit.


it isnt

literally requires you to have a smartphone to use it

‘privacy’ app that you cant use if you just have a pc lol

what a piece of shit, i wont use anything that wont let me browse properly just on my pc

A fly in your ointment


you have Twatter and let them trace you every click and have your dna sample but somehow you have problem with Telegram asking for a mobile phone?
Can you sign up Twatter without a phone?
Telegraml’s half the purpose is VoIP calls hence the libk to phones and, it can unrestrictedly be browsed from a pc without being signed in

so you hate my links bc they’re on Telegram, would love them if on Twatter….


its not even the privacy i gaf about im just pointing out how dumb it is for an apps main selling point to be privacy oriented but you cant fuckin use it without a phone. how does that make any sense?

i dont have a smartphone so i literally cant look at it

you can use twitter, fb, ig, even tiktok with just a pc

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A fly in your ointment

we went there and I explained to you why this is just not true.
Link I posted do not require anyone to have any account or sign up or log in.

Anyway… you don’t have a smartphone…. so… as you wish…


na, some content needs an account to view on it

no smartphone, no account

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Here’s a thought for the new year
Should the ALP (Australian Labor Party) be rebadged as the GBP (Global Bukkake Party)

Albo clearly has absolutely no interest in workers’ rights or the labour movement or plebs of any kind, except when they are on their knees and looking up at him.
Let’s be honest Albo (aka AnAl, aka Globo) is an exhibitionist, I doubt there’s a public forumn anywhere in the world where Albo wouldn’t whip out his tiny dick and jerk-off. He rationalises his behaviour because he always saves the best moments for his loyal Aussie subjects. Globo lands and lets loose, he just jizzes all over working class Aussies… and they love it.

Sometimes it’s the podium jizz, othertimes it’s the parliament jizz, but my favorite is the helicopter jizz, gets all over the F’ing place.

Aussie workers look up to him in some sort of shared bukkake ritual, he lets loose and we bathe in it. like wtf is wrong with this country?


One thing is that it’s rude to talk about money. I spoke to some people the other day and I mentioned the cost of something and I could feel their discomfort. Gay Christ cuckery and airs and graces that no doubt originated the last time we had a literal feudalist tyranny. The Brit Empire.



Global warming in my neck of the woods, 1/3 of the way through Summer
9.4 °C Now Feels Like -2.4 °CAnother one
Feels like 3.9 °C
Howling wind far too strong for turbines. 100% cloud cover. Minister Bowen! Calling Minister Bowen!


Where are you at?

Here in Canberra it’s been cool and pissing rain for the last few weeks. Obviously, global warming is to blame.


Fauci’s old boss publicly states that the entire US Covid response was a giant, catastrophic fuckup caused by blinkered people in a bubble not considering the society wide effects of their decisions.


and the u.s response was fairly mild compared to other countries

imagine what he would say about the responses of countries that *really* overreacted to covid

A fly in your ointment

To “overreact” it requires a good intention. A tiny little sliver of it, a specle, an atom of it.
So, not quite an overreaction when looked from the angle of those who commanded


that just implies theyre smarter than they really are

A fly in your ointment

Pawns are not smarter. Just obedient (and supply of such types is inexhaustible in the boatarrivalstan)
Instructions on the experiment came from the smart ones.


who are they? klaus schwab the caterer and conference host?

A fly in your ointment

big businesses and those who pitch them ways to yokel people for greater profits.

you can’t be really thinking this is some secret society of fat cunts sitting at a table ploting the next move,


i think there was a bit of that too

but mostly it was just a mix of opportunist politician retards reacting to social media trends + and politician retards who __really__ believed covid was that bad

nearly everyone except a few people who realised covid was pretty early was to blame for that whole debacle

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this was the chart that did it for me, the info was coming out as early as april 2020 that it was kind of a nothingburger

Covid Death Probability.jpg
A fly in your ointment

For me it was that the quarantine, being applicable to everyone except to those that were more equal then the rest.
The infected cruiseliner passengers being released too and, of course, the jab mandate

A fly in your ointment

but mostly it was just a mix of opportunist politician retards reacting to social media trends + and politician retards who __really__ believed covid was that bad

nearly everyone except a few people who realised covid was pretty early was to blame for that whole debacle

My starting point is that it was a debacle, but in totally different direction. Debacle in that the whole exercise failed to scare enough people to a blind compliance outside western cuntries and even within westworld. Ausstan, Cannukstan and EuroUtopia were testing grounds for limits of obedience, for a reason.
Politicians and retards who follow Twatter and Instagram are really a 3rd degree or even more distant NPC’s. Real stuff came from “authorities”, you know, those setting the environment so that NPC’s can call upon authority, “science” and practicality chasing others into compliance (i.e. idiots who claim taking a jab was a lesser risk than the real deal)

Either way, I completely changed the way I observe life/culture/customs in Ausstan, European Utopia, Cannuckstan etc, cuntries supposedly with (self-proclaimed) higher IQ. Jab rates tell you the idiocy level.

A fly in your ointment

@ gruppensex Mark

Just finished episode 2

Colouring of videos is interesting for 15min but it becomes excessive and obviously fake after that
Revisionism by omission is immense. I.e. Dzugashvili’s speak on 6. Nov 1941. Is redacted of important bits, cut and spliced out of sequence and the meaning is changed just where it matters (i.e. he apparently said ‘the war will begin until the last kraut is exterminated” but it skips the part where he says “…occupying the soil of our motherland”). Stalin said something more important there. He said krauts are advancing in Sovietstan because of absence of second front in Hitler’s EU Reich. In fact they were the only “ally” which fought this war in Europe for 3 years until just before the end and a rush to stop Red Army coming to Atlantic.
When krauts begin to kill civilians in USSR it’s mostly jevvs “and some others”
Some people apparently welcome krauts as a liberation from Stalin (yep, Bandera in UA, Baltic cunts and collaborators).
Krauts are mentioned as baddies but not as the subhuman they were. Hans (or Werner or whatever the witness) just did not want to kill a ruskie as per order to shoot every pow. Yeah, nah.

To me this series looks as a narrative written and made into a scenario, then filled with existing footage in high quality to enact and dramatise the narrative as unadulterated and complete facts.
Worth seeing, at least to know how the revisionism progresses.

Oh, it’s interesting that even krauts attest of their intentions to kill everyone to the east in their lebensraum, unlike the modern revisionism that 26mil victims were simply unfortunate because “the liberator” did not have enough food for them whilst in captivity. It takes a beautiful mind to conceive that