Climate Change Visas: Albo starts the slippery slope to import the entire Pacific

We’re at the climate change visa part of the decline:

“Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has announced a new pact with the low-lying island country of Tuvalu, allowing residents facing displacement from climate change the ability to resettle in Australia.  

In a move which could transform Australia’s relationships with other small Pacific nations and the region as a whole, Mr Albanese announced the agreement at the Pacific Islands Forum in Cook Islands, flanked by Tuvalu’s Prime Minister Kausea Natano.

The agreement will see 280 people per year given a “special mobility pathway” to “live, work and study” in Australia. Tuvalu has a permanent population of about 11,000 people.” 

Even the ABC admitted that Tuvalu is not sinking and it’s actually growing. We know Albo is just the messenger, but whatever. Every time the cunt gets on a plane, 500k visas get loaded into the luggage hold with him.

How the fuck does one prove they’re a climate change ‘refugee’? Does the island have to sink one millimetre? What’s the criteria? How many Chinese, Pakistanis and Indians are suddenly going to claim they’re actually from Tuvalu and need a protection visa?

This is just the day after Australian wage growth was recorded as the worst in the OECD:

This is also after just this week:

  • Dutton in India spruiking more Indian migration
  • Albo in China spruiking more Chinese migration
  • High Court of Australia saying paedophile ‘refugees’ can stay forever
  • Immigration Minister Andrew Giles bringing the ‘migrants to build homes for migrants’ meme to life

‘Only 280 a year’ my arse, we know how this slippery slope will play out. So first it will be Tuvalu, then Micronesia, then Kiribati, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, etc. Albo has already announced the Pacific Visa lottery scam, so this is just beyond malice.

There’s also a game being played in terms of the encirclement of China in the region, but we’ve apparently got to import these islanders to our country to protect their country.

Wesfarmers and Elders will also be creaming themselves at the thought of thousands of low IQ fruit pickers who last all of two weeks on the farm, before fucking off to Logan or Mt Druitt and joining the Comancheros.

Just touching on Andrew Giles’ statement, it’s clear that if you read the article in the SMH he’s trying to normalise a new baseline immigration number per year. Now 250k is going to be the new normal as opposed to 190k, then 350k, and so on. I think it was Peachy or Stagmal that predicted that, so hat tip to you.

But regardless, fuck you young Australians wanting a house or to start a family, line must go up.

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the arborist

The agreement will see 280 people per year given a “special mobility pathway” to “live, work and study” in Australia.

I fixed it.


Hey here’s a thought, what words of wisdom (or otherwise) should go on MB’s tombstone.

I was thinking along the lines of Frank Sinarta’s My way
And now the end is here
And so I face that final curtain
My friend I’ll make it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full
I traveled each and every highway
And more, much more
I did it, I did it my way

But maybe they haven’t earned this right, maybe a quote from Inglorious Bastards would be more appropriate. Maybe something like

  • Col. Hans Landa: Do you control the nicknames your enemies bestow on you? “Aldo the Apache” and “the Little Man”?
  • Pfc. Smithson Utivich: [confused] What do you mean “the Little Man”?
  • Col. Hans Landa: Germans’ nickname for you.
  • Pfc. Smithson Utivich: The Germans’ nickname for me is “the Little Man”?
  • Col. Hans Landa: And as if to make my point, I’m a little surprised how tall you were in real life. I mean, you’re a little fellow, but not circus-midget little, as your reputation would suggest.

IDK what do you guys think?


Anyone got any racial stereotypes for the tuvalese?

just like standard islander or what ?

A fly in your ointment



Anyone got any racial stereotypes for the tuvalese?

Nope. They’d have to be a better immigrant than you though. Big strong islander boys vs you the pencil necked Chinkcel who posts on the internet all day.
You should be deported back to Nepal you Mocha Colored Midget.


So it’s Armistice Day. In the UK, the Palestinian invaders are planning a big anti-Jew demo, and the far-right football hooligans, also known as normal people, aren’t very happy.

The Palestinians claim their demo won’t interfere with the commemorations.LoL.

I’d put the probability of some biff between the Palestinians and the FRFH at about 99%.

I wouldn’t call it a high probability, but I’ll be completely unsurprised if there are fatalities.


Albo will be considered the worst PM of the modern age. Obviously he’s still got a good chance of winning because potato head. Unreal people keep on voting for these parties. They just have no self respect.


wouldnt be so sure, they seem to get worse with every consecutive pm

one after another


Yeah he scares me a bit. You’ve got stressed out hoomers who might be keen to lay the boot in and give the angry boomer attitude to the poor.


Remember that Scomo was also considered unelectable. When it comes time there’s no way Australia will chose another 3 years of this shitshow.


He had a good daggy dad act, and Shorten has the worst man tits ever. Also his negative gearing policy was pitiful and an insult and basically just as big a fuck you to housing affordability as this government’s policies.


They’ll have to spray some handouts across the electorate if they want to stay in, ScoMo will be forgotten in 18 months and that’s all they’ve got in their quiver.

If they’re really planning to cut immigration (no indication of this yet but some people’s theory), it was fucking dumb to kick the hornet nest ramping it this high in the first place.

But idk whether it is even possible to cut immigration while adhering to these weird treaties with Xi and Modi.


yes actually this is a good point, the new treaty obligations kind of lock in much higher rates, australia can’t easily get out this situation now. with dutton going over to india to suck them off too maybe that communicates he knows this too and permanently higher rates are the only way to go.


The treaties are meaningless. You just make laws in contravention of them and everybody moves on. Just like China did with their FTA.

Last edited 5 months ago by robert2013

It’ll be the new sovereign risk bullshit that they roll out when a resources company is fucking us in the ass

We can’t possibly go back on our commitment to the Emperor Pajeet


I see it as a military play. It stops them whining and less likely to let China militarise them like those Cook Islands idiots.

A fly in your ointment

yep that always plays well for them, or does it?