New research shows direct correlation between WA border re-opening and AFL season starting

A new report has shown that the re-opening of the WA border is directly correlated to the restart of the beginning of the EZFKAFL.

The report, released today by the Bread and Circus Institute, showed that the science demonstrated the re-opening of the border was to facilitate sportsball beginning in the second week of March, at the expense of everyone else.

“If people didn’t pick up on the previous exemptions for the AFLW and everyone else then they’re dumb shits. The EZFKAFL runs Victoria and WA,” Professor Mark Hickman said.

“This banana republic state is only about two things – mining and sportsball. Your dying relatives and separated families can go get fucked.”

Premier Mark McGowan has indicated that a quadruple jab mandate will be pending for anyone wanting to enter the state.

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Agent 47

Didn’t this fucking clown admit WA is an experiment?

Shae The Burmese

Sure did! The masses became outraged, right on cue.


The world watched on in horror as Russia took its first terrifying steps towards an invasion of Ukraine today.

or perhaps the world watched on as Russia took its first steps towards kicking nato in the balls as he said he would.



my only concern is they’ll stop at the separatist republics and not full on take over

theres nothing left for them to lose now, might as well just annex all of ukraine

love australia trying to pretend it matters by announcing sanctions too as if anyone else gives a shit

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal

Even if borders were shut, the EZFKAFL would get an exemption anyway. They will have a press release saying the CHO accepts EZFKAFL’s Covid safe plan meaning the players and support staff will stay in luxury hotels and use sporting ovals that the ordinary citizens will be denied access to.